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Aadesh Chaudhary unplugged



Actor Aadesh Chaudhary bares it all in a candid interview about his most embarrassing situations, what romance means to him and his role model. Here’s excerpt from an interaction with Aadesh Chowdhary.

A situation in your life, that you would describe as emotional atyachar.

Aadesh: I have been caught once stealing money from my dad’s pocket.

If you had to swap lives with a Khan, who would it be?

Aadesh: Shah Rukh Khan

A myth about six- packs abs.

Aadesh: I think an actor should have a good body and concentrate on acting.

After a long day at work, what do you love to gorge on?

Aadesh: I am a movie lover and every day before sleeping I watch shows and movies on Netflix.

How active are you on social media?

Aadesh: I have started taking a little interest in social media just to get in touch with my fans and appreciate them.

What’s the worst song that’s been stuck in your head in recent times?

Aadesh: Dhinchak Pooja’s Dilon Ka Scooter.

A song that you can always dance to.

Aadesh: I don’t actually dance but keep humming the song – Ho Gayi Mohabbat Tumse.

A superpower you wish you had.

Aadesh: Make everyone happy and solve everyone’s problem.

A crisis situation in real life that is in fact quite funny.

Aadesh: Once someone stole my wallet and later I came to know that the lady who used to stay beside me on rent had stolen it. So that was really funny because I rushed to block the ATM cards.

A romantic gesture that never goes out of fashion

Aadesh: A guy kneeling down and offering a rose to a girl.

You get angry when?

Aadesh: If anything wrong happens, I get angry soon. I am a short-tempered guy.

One character that you are dying to play?

Aadesh: Amitabh Bachchan – Agneepath

Your first crush was at the age of

Aadesh: It was when I was in the 2nd or 3rd standard. I used to play with her and always would always be with her.

Tarun Jain is a Journalist, Blogger, Translator, Social Media Expert and Cartoon Lover. He served in Punjab Kesari as journalist. Currently he is working as Senior Content Contributor at Tarun has 5+years of experience working in media industry including work for several regional media houses.