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Anveshi Jain: As an artist there’s a lot to accomplish for me



Anveshi Jain

Anveshi Jain is the web sensation who knows no bounds when it comes to achieving success and winning the audience’s heart with her stellar performance and acting. She is a model, emcee, actress and singer whose popularity rose the moment she hit the web screens and till date is on the go! In an exclusive interview with Anveshi Jain, here we are up and close with her. Let’s know who the real Anveshi Jain is!

What’s your routine like?

Anveshi: I get up at 7 am in the morning. Then start my day with 30 mins of meditation and do one hour of Riyaaz post which I head to the gym.

Do you think you have achieved what you dreamt of?

Anveshi: You know that’s the thing with an artist, they never feel satisfied. I too feel it is just the beginning, I have to release tons of music albums, act and eventually become a Speaker. I am a woman with a plan and intention to execute them all.

How do you spend your weekends or time off?

Anveshi: I travel. Mostly solo or with my brother. I feel no time should be wasted doing nothing.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Anveshi: Quite a few actually. Two major ones have been shifting to Mumbai without informing anyone for 2 years. Travelling to Paris after losing my passport, rode bike from Chandigarh to Tosh and many more!

What gives you goosebumps?

Anveshi: Motorsports And Surprises /gifts! My love language is receiving and giving gifts and that’s where I feel all the bliss.

Many boys want to know this for sure. What are the perks of dating you?

Anveshi: Spontaneity, Free Gyan, Loads of travel and instinctive fun decisions and a soothing lullaby to help you sleep.

Do you wear makeup on normal days?

Anveshi: Nope. I am not a big fan of make up and I prefer to live in my skin on normal days.

What is the most precious thing in your wardrobe?

Anveshi: Gifts given by my brother are the most precious, which includes a beautiful dress he bought for me from his hard earned money on my last birthday.

What’s your funniest memory on screen or off screen?

Anveshi: When we did one ice bucket challenge prank on Champion Motorsport Racers. It was a very recent off screen incident. And there was this one time, I was made to walk while keeping a book on my head simultaneously mouthing dialogues.

What’s the most thoughtful birthday present you have received so far?

Anveshi: When someone actually pays attention and listens to my desires and puts efforts to make my day special really makes me happy and that happened . I casually once said, I want to be surprised by the hour. And that happened. I was so touched.

Every year, who do you get your first birthday wish from?

Anveshi: My bhabhi. She is always the first one actually among the 3 people calls me simultaneously – one my best friend, Akanksha and brother, Pranjal.

How have birthday celebrations changed over the years for you?

Anveshi: When I first moved to Mumbai, I celebrated my birthday with all my towny friends, they came for it along with my local friends. I threw a lavish birthday then next year was a private gathering of 4-5 friends. I spent another with family and old friends in Khajuraho and this year I have kept it very plain and simple. No parties, just going to spend it with close friends.

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