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Anveshi Jain: There is no bigger gift in the world than the motherly affection



Actress Anveshi Jain has, no doubt, emerged as one of the latest sensations on the internet. Thanks to the charming actress’ bold performance in the Hindi web series “Gandii Baat 2”, she grabbed a host of eyeballs. Having a huge number of fans on social media platforms, Anveshi is set to debut in Telugu films soon.

On the beautiful occasion of Mother’s Day, here is an exclusive interview with the leading female actor:

What makes you proud of your mom?

Anveshi Jain: Oh, I’m so proud to be her daughter. She comes from a village called Niwari which is near Jhansi in UP. She had a tough childhood as they were 5 siblings and had no money. So, she became the man of my family at a very young age of 11. My Nanaji had a small saree store, and my mum used to sell those, but she fought for her education too. She wanted to be independent. Despite getting married early for making her family happy, she continued to pursue her studies and ended up becoming a PhD professor of Chemistry. Still, she is so sensitive, soft-spoken and shy that it surprises me to see the rarest combination of independent yet vulnerable woman. The thing that amazed me the most was the way she took care of my Grandma throughout her life. My grandma was a principal and Hindi professor. The way my mom took care of her & us is unbelievable. In my grandma’s last days, she used to clean her dirty clothes, feed her and bath her without any kind of help. Also, she single-handedly managed to teach us every subject by waking up at 5 am. She used to learn my subjects first and then teach me. Incredible she is!

What’s the best thing your mom has taught you?

Anveshi Jain: She taught me that “Hurt people hurt people”. We should not react in the same way people react to us. Be compassionate and understand where they are coming from. Win everything with the power of love alone and sacrifice – she believes in it. I still have to inculcate this particular lesson completely in my ethos. Her unconditional love and care for my dad has also taught me the true meaning of love! That’s the biggest learning I’ve received from her. Love is a beautiful emotion where the wellbeing of the other is essential to your own!

How are you and your mom similar?

Anveshi Jain: We look similar…Cheeks, Mickey Mouse hairline and physical resemblance. I think kindness is what we share in common, as we both are empaths.

And how both are different from each other?

Anveshi Jain: Different – in so many ways. I have got most of the traits from my father. He is a great orator so the gift of gabbing has come from him. He is outbound, while my mom is incredibly shy. She dwells in doubts and worries which possibly are all mothers’ traits across the globe. She is so fragile and I love that about her. On the other hand, I’m head strong and independent.

What is something your mum always say to you?

Anveshi Jain: In the morning, she calls and tells me only one thing – “Full sleeves pehan na”. Don’t show your body otherwise they won’t see your face. Stand your ground and never forget where you come from.

What is your mum indeed good at?

Anveshi Jain: My mother is exceptionally good at having patience and serving others. She is so compassionate, wise & giving that’s something I want to have as traits too.

Any best piece of career advice you ever got from your mom?

Anveshi Jain: Well only career advice she gives is “Shaadi Kar Lo”. Too early to say if it is the best piece of advice. Hehe!

What’s your wish for her on this Mother’s Day?

Anveshi Jain: My only wish to every mother is one word – “Stay”. Stay Alive. We need you, which means don’t exhaust yourself too much serving us, prioritise yourself and always act on your instincts. There is no bigger gift in the world than the motherly affection. You are my foundation and I am nothing without you.

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