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Anveshi Jain would give up everything for acting



Anveshi Jain

Anveshi Jain, the girl who left us stunned with her bold avatar in Gandii Baat 2, is overwhelmed with the appreciation she is receiving. But is that all she ever wished for?

Read more about this growing phase of her career, and what’s next on her list.

Do you think Gandii Baat 2 was the much-awaited turning point in your career?

Anveshi Jain: Yes, surely it was. My work in Gandii Baat 2 was acknowledged and as a result, I have started getting a lot of assignments. I am receiving offers for multiple web series and projects from Tollywood. I can’t be grateful enough for this growing phase of my life.

Do you fear being typecast in the industry because of your past couple of roles?

Anveshi Jain
Anveshi Jain during a Photoshoot

Anveshi Jain: Yes I do. I have this fear of being stereotyped as someone who can only do intimate scenes or is comfortable in pushing boundaries on TV, which is why I am not rushing through the process. It’s a risk but it is better than sitting jobless.

What do you feel about the objectification of women in the industry?  Does it still persist?

Anveshi Jain: I feel men and women both have different kind of issues to deal with. Gone are the times when we used to feel more empathetic towards women alone. Although I believe one has to take their own responsibility for the choices they make. It will keep persisting until and unless we come forward and raise our voice against it.

From anchor, dating coach to an actor, you have always been a multitasker. But if you have to focus your energy on one of these things, what would you choose?

Anveshi Jain: I will choose Singing … just kidding. I believe I am born with the passion to live and feel versatile characters and inspire others. So if I have to give it all to one field, it would surely be acting. Without any second thoughts, I will join theatres again.

You are relatively new to this industry. What is that one new you find extremely annoying and intolerable as compared to the outside world?

Anveshi Jain: Well, right now I am too grateful to find any sort of flaw in any part of it. Also, Mumbai has made me wise enough to understand that it ain’t going to be easy or perfect. So there is no point comparing the two worlds.

What are your other projects in the pipeline?

Anveshi Jain: I have been fortunate enough to bag 2 Tamil movies and one Amazon prime super intriguing web series. Besides, I am in a conversation for one web series for zee network and few Punjabi music videos. I am releasing my debut singing album in the month of March.

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