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Any decision taken by a woman about her career or family should be respected, says Pinkvilla’s Group Editor Vaibhavi Risbood



It’s certainly never easy being a working mom! Constantly juggling between a full-time job and a family life, mums often find difficulty in maintaining a proper work-life balance.

This Mother’s day, we’ve asked Vaibhavi Risbood, PinkVilla’s Group Editor, a few questions regarding the challenge of striking an equilibrium between work and motherhood.

Excerpts from the interview:

As Mother’s Day is going to be celebrated on May 10, how are you planning to make this beautiful occasion a memorable one amid the Coronavirus-induced lockdown?

Vaibhavi Risbood: Honestly, I know this is going to sound a cliché, but every day is a Mother’s Day. Yes, but this lockdown is surely a reason to celebrate it in a better way with your loved ones. I will spend time with my mother and my son. It’s a complete win-win situation for me!

Striking an equilibrium between work and motherhood is not an easy task, especially in the field of journalism. So how do you manage your personal and professional life?

Vaibhavi Risbood: Yes, many people ask me this. I always have the most honest answer: It’s my family which supports me a lot. My parents take care of my son when I am working. Work is my passion and it also secures the future of my child. Emotional and practical aspect. Although striking a balance is most difficult, that’s what Libras are known for 😀 Just kidding! A woman or a man of any zodiac sign can strike a balance with anything they want. What is important is the will!

Today, a constant dilemma of ‘career vs family’ is being faced by a large proportion of working mothers. How do you view this conundrum? 

Vaibhavi Risbood: The problem is we things is vs. It’s not vs, it is ‘with’. I always feel is my family with my decision to make an amazing career in life and it’s my career which will make or create an awesome impact on my family. Working mothers should inspire kids and women who decide not to work should also inspire people. Any decision which is taken by a woman about her career or family should be respected. There should be no dilemma. There should be no guilt. I shouldn’t be guilty because I think about my career and a housewife shouldn’t regret her decision to completely dedicate herself to family. If guilt and regret surface then there should be a dilemma.

What’s the hardest thing about being a working mom; and what’s the best thing?

Vaibhavi Risbood: The hardest thing is you don’t get to spend all the time with your kid. The best thing when you come home even with a small chocolate, and your child comes and hugs you.

Women journalists face several challenges, including unfair representation, negative societal attitudes, and the gender pay gap. Do you think media organizations should ensure gender equality?

Vaibhavi Risbood: The problem is not restricted to journalism only. The concern is grave. Women face issues everywhere but I don’t like discussing issues in a way that we discard men. I’ll get a lot of criticism from pseudo feminists. Challenges, unfair representation, negative societal approach are across. The percentage of women is surely high. We also have so many great men supporting women. The problem is when organisations forget that it’s human who runs their business. It’s manpower which has brainpower. They are just not machines. Humanity, empathy and compassion is limited to school books now or are hanged on the walls of organisations in the form of ‘culture’. First media or any other organisation should start with being human, and then, of course, there should also be gender equality.

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