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Book: The Girl Who Changed My Life



The Girl Who Changed My Life is a story of Adi, with the series of events that shattered him and taught him the lessons for his love life. The story takes you to the journey of friendship, love, compassion, disappointments, inspirations and freedom. The story is all about how Adi (Aditya) convinced Kavya. Adi met her in his new beginning of corporate life, at his office party. Where he found a girl with an absolutely different aura from other girls. He mesmerized by her simple yet revolutionary thoughts.

Pawan Aditya

The author Pawan Aditya was born and raised in Chhatisgarh, he is a solo traveller, a nature lover and a budding blogger. He Pursued his B.Tech from NIT Raipur. He has been working as an Assistant Manager in a MNC, Noida. He gave his special thanks to Tibetan Guru, Dalai Lama for purifying his perspective towards life.

Here’s excerpt from an interaction with Pawan Aditya, Deputy Manager, Samsung (Noida).

How idea of this story came in your mind?

Pawan Aditya: The idea was to spread positivity, to make youth aware that break-up is not the dead-end & how a person can achieve his/her true love by not giving up. To tell them the best relationship of their life is yet to come, it is rather paving way for another beautiful pathway for your life which may lead to explore yourself. Also at any cost do not compromise with your self-esteem. Bottomline of book is an inspirational, self-awakening.

What made you write this book?

Pawan Aditya: I started writing when I went through my first breakup, I would note down the reasons why we broke up and what I have learnt from that. Over the time, I got so many answers which were filled up with full of emotions with my past life. Then I decided to share my story & thoughts with people because I feel it can help people to learn those things in life where most of us fail. So, to inspire people & to keep them enthused in life I wrote this.

Who is your target audience?

Pawan Aditya: It is a story for everyone who have got hurt from their loved ones. (For Youth)

Genre of book.

Pawan Aditya: Young adult fiction, romantic, inspirational, self-awakening.

What are USPs of the book?

Pawan Aditya: Inspiring book for today’s youth, with the sense of deep thoughts. It is not only a romantic story but also sends you a great life changing, self-awakening and social message. Also, it gives you a leasson not to compromise with your dignity.

The Girl who changed my Life

The Girl who changed my Life

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