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Brittney Palmer naturally fits the role of pin up bombshell



With her infectious charisma, gorgeous looks, and free spirited personality, Brittney Palmer naturally fits the role of pin up bombshell. But the girl next door in the neighbourhood of your dreams is more than just a pretty face. As an artist, host, model, and dancer, Brittney is already a six-year veteran of the entertainment industry. Having been featured in dozens of magazines and television shows across a plethora of media and networks, Brittney is best known as a personality and ring card model for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and formerly of the World Extreme Cage fighting. Despite that success, Brittney’s first love in life has always been art.

How did the destiny angled you towards UFC?

Brittney: Living in Las Vegas I was given the opportunity when I was 19 years old to audition to be the ring girl for WEC. I got it fortunately, and ever since I have been in the UFC family.

What does this multi-tasking beauty with brains enjoys doing the most after trying hands in dance, modelling, hosting, art, ring fighting and what not?

Brittney: I really enjoy being with my friends and family and seeing the many beauties life has to offer.

What would be your tips for all those women who wish to learn the art of multi-tasking as well?

Brittney: I really think you just have to love what you do. I’m extremely blessed to have a career where I actually enjoy going to work each day. Also, it’s important to take things one step/day at a time.

What has been the most incredible memory of your professional life till date?

Brittney: I really couldn’t just say one thing because everything that I’ve done has led me to where I am. I’m so excited to see the future and so happy to look back at it.

What are the leisure time activities that you prefer to get indulge in?

Brittney: I love to travel and experience new things.  I have a thirst for knowledge. Life is extremely short, delicate and beautiful.

How was the experience of getting back to the school as an art student?

Brittney: Going to art school and moving to Los Angeles was probably the best feeling of accomplishment that I’ve ever had. To go against your nerves and try something new.

Is there any inspiration behind your immense inclination towards arts?

Brittney: I am inspired by everything around me, artists, people, colours and experiences. That’s the beauty of art, anything can inspire you at any moment.

What do you consider as a turning point in your life?

Brittney: I think a turning point in my life has been this past year I’ve started a new life and relieve taking my art to another level. My first solo exhibition which is November 5 called I remember faces will be the pinnacle moment of my art career.

What do you think are the drawbacks of being a celebrity and a public figure?

Brittney: I think that the drawbacks of being in the public guy is somethings that are very delicate and personal are open to the public to critique. Something is private is a divorce is there for everybody to see into cast judgement.

What is your philosophy of life?

Brittney: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”- John Lennon.

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