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Claudia Alende: I want to show the world “Claudia” me



Claudia Alende is a Brazilian model and businesswoman. She participated in the Miss Bumbum and finished as vice champion. She then found some fame online as a Megan Fox look-alike.

How do you take the tag of ‘Brazilian Megan Fox’?

Claudia: I’m not a big fan at all, since I’m “Claudia” and not Megan. I know that this title helped me in the beginning of my career. Megan is a beautiful woman, but now I want to show the world the “Claudia” me.

Do you believe that social media played a major role in your journey of stardom and fame?

Claudia: For sure, social media always helped me to show my work to a big audience of fans and non-fans.

You started your career by opening a multi-branded clothing store. How did the ways divert towards modelling?

Claudia: I still have the clothing store, but actually when I opened it was not my intention to become a model at all. After running the store for 2 years I joined the Miss Bumbum competition and started my modeling career.

What character trait do you deplore in yourself?

Claudia: I am very unorganised and competitive person. these two traits put me in trouble often.

Would you like to disclose your workout routine?

Claudia: My workout routine is mostly based on cardio exercises.

What do you think appeals your followers and fans about you?

Claudia: I really don’t know how to answer this. I think it’s a mix of my appearance and personality.

What are your upcoming projects?

Claudia: I will be filming a TV show in 2017 also I am planning to launch a fitness program.

When you look back, what do you feel was the biggest obstruction in your career that you passed off with all the strength?

Claudia: The Miss Bumbum competition for sure was a difficult time. The contest was very exhausting and I often used to argue with the other contestants.

Do you have any regrets in life?

Claudia: Hard to say because now, a slightest change in a thing could change my whole life in response. So, i would say that i don’t have regrets.

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