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Creating balance between modernization and culture is the key: Megha Sarin



We interviewed Megha Sarin (Blogger at Fit As A Fiddle, Indian Fashion, Lifestyle and Fitness blog) on women empowerment and her stories. Here’s what she has to say.

What have been the high points in your career?

Megha: When I received a India blogger’s award in lifestyle category by Rashmi Uday Singh!

Do you idolise any woman?

Megha: Ah, yes! Chanda Kochar, Nirupama Rao. They inspire you to be the change!

Do you feel it’s difficult to keep our culture alive in modern era?

Megha: It is, but I strongly believe that our youth is educated enough. We do not value relationships and tend to miss out the real things in life.

We have everything at the click of the button. I know, modernization is an indispensable part for making our lives comfortable and improving the living standards but here balance is the key.

One thing that you want to change about womanism?

Megha: I am not going to talk about gender inequality and stereotypical thinking. In our world I believe women judge each other and are not at all compassionate towards each other be it in personal life or work space.

What is your message for the youth women?

Megha: Be independent and successful. Focus on your individuality first and then get married. You will find the right partner who will support you and love you.

Please share one such story which you think has brought changes in your life.

Megha: As cliche as it sounds, I guess I would say marriage. I want to break the stereotype, that marriage means end of life and all that jazz. I believe there is nothing better than having a pillar of strength and a career counsellor by your side round the clock (provided you find the right one) The more you give, the more you get!

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