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Devotional singing is not everyones cup of tea: Sona Jadhav



Here’s excerpt from an interaction with Sona Jadhav, a devotional singer.

In today’s time, the quirky lyrical songs are heard much more. So in the beginning of your career, you have been singing religious songs. Any special reason?

Sona: Since my childhood, I grew up in a religious environment, I used to remember Bhajan Kirtan story in my mind. I wanted to do something in life, with which I can earn money with honor and also take the responsibility of home, so I chose my passion for singing bhajans as my career.

You have also toured in foreign countries. How was the response relating to devotional songs?

Sona: There are many religious people in our country who appreciate our culture very much. They were respectful to hear Bhajans with a lot of expressions and feelings. We got a very good response to our culture.

What is your dream to do in singing as an artist?

Sona: In the form of an artist, God is there in people’s minds, but through the hymns, people should teach the traditional values to our children, to know about our religion, this is my purpose.

Live singing is also very difficult in a devotional tune. Because selection of an incorrect word can affect the devotees. Correct?

Sona: Singing devotional songs is very difficult as no one can use wrong words to mislead the people, as it can change the entire meaning. This is not everyones cup of tea.

Any comments on your Guruji?

Sona: There is no knowledge without a guru, and nobody is greater than gurus. My Guruji is Jangli Das Maharaj, and he is in Shirdi.

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