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Digital Marketing in India is still in its growing phase: Gaurav Jain, Digital Media Marketer



Gaurav Jain Digital Media Marketer

Gaurav Jain is co-founder of Ox Pro Media, Digital Marketing agency in Delhi. He is highly experienced Digital Media consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the online media industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing, he is associated with various celebrities for Facebook support.

Gaurav Jain in conversation with QNA India talks about Digital Marketing scope and current scenario for marketers in India.

In the world full of digital marketing service providers, what makes your company different?

Gaurav: See, Digital Marketing ecosystem in India is still in a growing phase and we have tremendous opportunities lying ahead to develop this ecosystem by helping start-ups to become brands and brands to touch new heights, subject to the economic conditions. Well said the world is full of Digital Marketing Service Providers, but how many of them can be sustained? This is an attribute of this ecosystem. Every ecosystem in a booming phase witness a numerous of entrants but with same pace they disappear as well. If I talk about Delhi & NCR only, every second company is a Digital Marketing Service Provider as starting a Digital Marketing Company isn’t a hard nut to crack. The major challenge is to keep up with the pace, to keep yourself and your team updated with new and imminent developments in the industry, and serving your clients well.

Me and my founding team members have 5 to 6 years of work experience in the industry. When we planned to start our own company, we focused extensively on result-oriented service approach and to build an honest, authentic and ethical ecosystem for our clients. Our focus has always been on working specifically with those people who know their product well and can convey their product distinctly to us, so that we can help them in achieving their desired results. We do not act as an outside organization for our clients, we rather act as their digital marketing wing, and that enables us to perform efficiently and render desired results by our clients. This strategy has kept us well-sustained and different from others.

Our very first client was Deliver My Diet. They had a limited budget and quite limited location, but the good thing was that they started with social media marketing around 6 months prior to the launch. It was quite a smart move. They crossed 1,000 orders in the very first week which compelled them to stop the social media engagement for the time being, since they were not able to manage any more order due to their limited team size.

Do you think digital marketing is exhausting as a profession?

Gaurav: Digital Marketing is a dynamic industry where things keep on changing and new challenges keep arising. What you were trying to do 6 months ago may not work now or something that wasn’t working 6 months ago could work now. As a digital marketing practitioner, you need to keep yourself updated. There is paucity of talent as well. You interview candidates for different job roles in the industry, only to find 3-4 candidates out of 100 who are good enough or I can say knowledgeable enough to fit the job profile. The reason behind it is that most of the digital marketing training institutes don’t focus on skill-based learning. They focus on providing 10-15 certificates and as a business owner we don’t need the certificate holders who can’t do their job well.

As the technology keeps on changing rapidly, how difficult it becomes to learn everything and provide services to the customers?

Gaurav: That’s the beauty of this industry! To understand if it really gets difficult or not, we need to first understand why technology keeps changing so rapidly? Technology keeps changing so that it can stay updated and keep resolving the previous bugs in the platforms. Whenever someone is working on a technology, the focus is to solve problems and build a new version better than the previous one. With each and every update to the technology, previous bugs are fixed and believe me if you are passionate enough about this industry and keep learning then the technological change may not impact you much, until you aren’t doing anything against the platform. Whenever a new update hits a platform, I become acutely intrigued and excited and it helps me to understand the platform better.

As a service provider, when you have effective solutions towards arising problems you tend to get more clients and offer better services to your previous clients. So, it is quite win-win situation if you are really ready to adopt those changes and if you don’t then platform may eventually kick you out of the industry.

When you design a marketing campaign for a client, what is the primary thing which you keep in mind?

Gaurav: While designing a marketing campaign for a client we focus on two things:

  1. Objective
  2. Available Resources

Our campaign lies at the intersection where our client’s objectives meet their available resources. The client I told you about earlier “Deliver My Diet” had very limited resources, but their patience and out team’s consistency brought them astoundingly brilliant results when they were finally ready to serve their healthy and nutritious food.

What more are you planning to do in the future?

Gaurav: Currently we are looking forward to expand ourselves in other verticals of the industry and working on various collaborations. There is a lot in process, you will surely witness them all in near future.

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