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Do offer grass to Lord Ganesha along with Modak and Yellow flowers: Dr. Aarti Dahiya



Since Ganesh Chaturthi is a big festival across the nation, many people have many doubts regarding the spiritual aspects of the celebration.

To clear such doubts and give a better understanding of the festival and it’s important aspects, QNA got in touch with Dr. Aarti Dahiya and asked her a few questions. Here are the excepts from the interview:

What mantras or chants should we play or say during these days?

Dr. Aarti Dahiya: I would suggest for the days when we have Lord Ganesha at our homes, “om gan ganpate namah” is the best mantra.

What is the ideal time for pooja or aarti?

Dr. Aarti Dahiya: Pooja should be done with a very calm and clear mind. So, morning Pooja should be before 12 and for evening between 6-8 pm.

What should we offer as bhog to Ganpati?

Dr. Aarti Dahiya: Ganpati is a big time food lover so you can offer everything and anything. Though, modak works magically.

What colour flowers are the best for Lord Ganesha?

Dr. Aarti Dahiya: If you have Ganpati at your home, bring yellow and white flowers. Also, do offer him grass.

When and how should we do the visarjan?

Dr. Aarti Dahiya: Though different people keep Ganesha at their home for different time limits but the most popular is the visarjan at 11th day. Due to corona, the visarjan should be absolutely done at home. If you have smaller size gannu, then in any plantpot and then sow seeds into it.

If the size of idol is big, then do visarjan in any tub or bucket than offer the water to all plants in the house or locality.

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