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Dr Priya Verma Gupta: An inspiration driven author



Dr Priya Verma Gupta: An inspiration driven author

A senior Pedodontist, Academicia and a qualified Ph.D. scholar – Dr. Priya Verma Gupta is presently working as Professor at KD Dental College and Hospital, Mathura. The doctor apart from a medical practitioner has so far authored 21 books and has also co-authored various medical and dental books. Besides, she has also authored a textbook titled ‘Paediatric dentistry for special children’ recently that is unparalleled in the global dental market and is used as a reference point by many Paediatric Dentists.

She has also been awarded two awards – IADS BOOK OF THE YEAR for authoring ‘Pediatric Dentistry for Special Child’ and EXCELLENCE IN PEDODONTICS for contributing immensely towards the special care dentistry in the field of Pedodontics.

Read to know what Dr. Priya Verma Gupta has to share about her book:

What exactly is Paediatric dentistry?

Dr. Priya: Paediatric dentistry is a specialty dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through the adolescence. The branch reserves a special place in the field of dentistry for both dental and medical anomalies. Treating children is not easy and it becomes more complex in the case of special children.

From where did you get the inspiration of writing this book?

Dr. Priya: The concept of this book was conceived during my post-graduate days, where I was in a habit of preparing my own notes for exams. During this preparation when I was trying to figure out an answer, I couldn’t find the complete information in any of the books and that took me very long. And, this whole thing made me realise that there is no core book to understand this complicated yet interesting segment of paediatric dentistry.

Why is the book dedicated to ‘special children’?

Dr. Priya: Lack of literature leaves students perplexed about the information required to treat a special child. This benightedness has created a vacuum forcing the dental practitioners to run away from the situation and treating them as weary load thereby making an extraneous referral to the hospital.
Consequently, these children have abnegated the rightfully desired treatment. Because of Brobdingnagian scope and literature, it is impossible to cover entire paediatric dentistry in one book.

What is the aim/motive behind writing this book?

Dr. Priya: This book is my sincere effort to fill the void in the dental care of special children. Efforts have been made to cover most conditions which are not seen often in routine practice but are important from the perspective of special children.
I hope this book will prove as a stepping stone in the treatment of special children and you will not only enjoy this compilation, rather this book will provoke debate and discussion amongst you and your colleagues on how to treat a special child the best.

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