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Editor of, Vivek P talks about Fantasy betting, sports betting future in India



There are many apprehensions on the betting status in India, many people still don’t have a clue about the betting regulations and if online betting is legal or not. Today, we have Vivek P, editor,, one of the best betting sites comparators in the Indian market, he will answer some queries related to the sports betting future, fantasy betting future and what does offer for the readers.

How do you see the sports betting future in India?

Vivek: India population age average is one of the world’s youngest currently. This particular decade belongs to the youth in the country, and we are very much happy to push our efforts to improve the awareness and also encourage the gaming trend in the Indian market.

We have been one of the best promoters of the Gaming activity in the Sub-continent. Please have a look at the site and experience, it first-hand. We are one of the best-comparators of the best betting sites in India, categorically the sports betting and casino betting market.

What do you think about the growing restrictions on Fantasy betting too?

Vivek: Fantasy betting is a new theme in the marketing arena, it has got craze across boundaries, within a 10-year period we see the expansion multi-fold with almost 40-50 brands related to fantasy betting. Now adays the promotion and advertising of sports betting or betting, in general, have grown like a normal thing than a taboo which used to be the case previously.

We agree there are some restrictions on fantasy betting too in some states, but overall still the craze has not gone down. We are hoping in the coming days, there will be some relaxation on the complete betting guidelines in the constitution and people can participate at least with basic restrictions. We hope things will get much better soon.

What does offer compared to other betting sites?

Vivek: Our expert team provide the best players from the sports betting and casino betting market. We analyse the factors such as betting events, welcome bonuses, app features, match odds, promotional offers, and much more. Considering the 90% app users that too the android app users in the country, our expert panel analyse the reviews based on these points.

Other than this, we have daily updates on the betting FAQ’s, help articles, free betting match prediction articles. Readers can daily get to know some quick info on the most-happening betting events too.

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