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Enabling Foreign Education: How Youngrads is set to redefine study abroad industry from India



Anuj Gupta, CEO of Youngrads, shares his vision for revolutionizing the study abroad industry in India. Youngrads, an AI-based online student recruitment platform, aims to provide personalized guidance and a comprehensive solution for aspiring international students. The company is committed to ensuring education access for underprivileged girls and underserved communities.

Let’s explore the interview with Anuj Gupta to learn more about Youngrads’ mission and future plans.

What inspired you to enter the foreign education sector and start Youngrads?

Anuj Gupta: The inspiration stems from a deep understanding of the aspirations of Indian students to study abroad. With over 12 years of experience in the education immigration sector, I recognized the growing demand and the need for streamlined processes in this field. And Youngrads will streamline studying abroad, making it easier for students to get into top universities and pursue their dreams overseas.

What sets Youngrads apart from other overseas education platforms?

Anuj Gupta: Youngrads stands out among other overseas education platforms due to its unique approach and dedicated service. As an AI-based online student recruitment platform, we prioritize offering thorough guidance for those seeking education abroad, providing personalized recommendations tailored to each student’s needs. The platform will offer a comprehensive one-stop solution for aspiring international students, assisting them at every stage of their journey toward overseas education.

How will Youngrads simplify comparing countries and courses for students, aiding them in making informed choices?

Anuj Gupta: Youngrads simplifies comparing countries and courses for students by offering a unique Profile-based Program search that includes 10,000 programs. The easy-to-use interface will enable students to seamlessly compare various options, helping them make well-informed decisions. And the Recommendation Engine will suggest career options based on each student’s profile. Additionally, dedicated counselors are available via email, chat, and call channels to provide further support and guidance throughout the decision-making process.

What scope of assistance will Youngrads offer – only courses, or the entire study abroad ecosystem? 

Anuj Gupta: Youngrads will offer a comprehensive range of assistance beyond just courses and assist students in identifying the most suitable colleges that match their aspirations, ensuring a smooth enrollment process. Additionally, we will help with travel arrangements and accomodation, serving as a reliable partner throughout the entire journey of studying abroad. From pinpointing ideal colleges to facilitating travel logistics, Youngrads is committed to guiding students every step of the way on their transformative study abroad journey.

Looking ahead, what are Youngrads’ future plans for advancing its mission and expanding in the education landscape?

Anuj Gupta: Our vision at Youngrads is to lead a significant shift in global education. We’re committed to simplifying the journey for Indian students aspiring to study abroad, ensuring they can fulfill their dreams seamlessly. Through innovative approaches and strategic partnerships, we aim to revolutionize the overseas education landscape, empowering students to pursue their academic ambitions on an international stage.

Could you shed light on Youngrads’ mission to ensure education access for underprivileged girls and underserved communities?

Anuj Gupta: At Youngrads, our mission is to be a guiding light for underprivileged girls and underserved communities by providing access to education. Our goal is to reshape the educational landscape, offering a seamless and inclusive platform that not only empowers students but also uplifts entire communities, making a global impact. To achieve this, we have a vision of shaping lives and nurturing responsible graduates. For every successfully enrolled student, we map and sponsor one girl child. As students become self-sufficient, they can in turn sponsor another student, thus becoming young guardians themselves.

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