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Every character I have played is a part of me: Sudesh Berry



Being a part of the entertainment industry for so long, Sudesh Berry talks about his closeness with characters he has played, his insightful thoughts about the changing trends of the industry and a lot more…

You have spent so many years in this industry. What is one positive and one negative change you witnessed?

Sudesh Berry: The first thought that comes to my mind is the phrase “Chirag Tale Andhera”, which means ‘The lamp is lit by the creative Bollywood artist in the society, as they entertain and educate the society but there is darkness in their own home’, because of tension, misunderstanding. If you see many of the families are broken and it’s difficult for the artist to keep their own family together, while they are busy entertaining the society.

After playing so many characters, working in so many films/series, which one is closest to your heart?

Sudesh Berry: Every character I have played is a part of me. They all are like my kids and one can never differentiate among their kids. I have been in the industry for 30-35 years now, and I have been offered a lot of roles. But due to the schedule and time constraint, I have barely worked in 10% of the projects out of that. I believe in my intuition and choose my roles accordingly, and it shows on the face of the audience how much they have liked the characters I have played. Every film or character I have done has its own identity and value, and every film is close to my heart.

“Web shows give freedom to filmmakers, opportunities to actors and exposure to audience worldwide.” Comment.

Sudesh Berry: Whether it is a web series, Netflix, T.V or Feature Film, we must only deliver education with entertainment. The web shows are selling adult content which is distracting the younger generation. They should put the censor on every platform which goes to the audience.

Your son is said to be making a debut, what piece of advice did you share with him? Do you think there is twice more competition than at your time?

Sudesh Berry: I don’t think there is any competition, one should be their own competition and try to make the best of them self. So many great actors came and went and they gave a piece of art which is within us, and it will be remembered forever. It is like we come empty handed and will go empty handed, whatever will be done between life and death is karma. The only advice I have is ‘work in a way that people remember you’.

What sort of project are you looking forward to? Is there any particular genre/story you want to work on?

Sudesh Berry: I think every actor should be flexible to work in any genre or story. For me, it all depends on the script and destiny. But personally, I would like to explore action, thriller or patriotic characters like a military officer or police officer. People say these roles suit me and they like me in that intense look. Also, I love the kind of roles I played in movies like Border, Surag, LOC, Vans. For now, let us see if I get more opportunities to play such roles.