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From corporate bug to acting gig; Abhijit Sinha’s journey in the entertainment industry



Almost five years of struggle with numerous plays, TV shows like Crime patrol, Savdhan India, Code Red, 24 and many more tv shows – Abhijit Sinha has acted in may web series, short films, corporate films etc. He has also acted in Bollywood movies and his journey consists of 3 more films, which are to be released in the next one year. Here’s excerpt from an interaction with Abhijit Sinha.

From Corporate sector to Entertainment – Now this one is a big career shift. Tell us about what made you do this.

Abhijit Sinha: From the early school days, I nurtured a dream of becoming an actor and even wanted to go to National School of Drama. I went to Nagpur for further studies, where I won many awards in inter college events in acting; But when I landed in mumbai, I found it was very tough to survive.

I had an MBA degree and my family wanted me to settle down – So to cope with the responsibilities, I started working in corporate sector. It almost took 14 years for me to realise and understand what my real dreams were and what I wanted to do. That was the moment when I decided to quit my job and went to Barry John acting school to learn the basics of acting. After completing my course in acting I went to Nadira Babbar ji for theatre workshop and became a part of it. Many roles, many plays came my way and in 2014, I gradually slogged my way ahead.

Landing up a debut role in Adrishya was a breakthrough in your career. Please tell us about this journey.

Abhijit Sinha: After a steady inning of theatre plays in 2016, I was doing pretty well in tv industry when Arunjeet, the casting and production manager, spotted me and introduced me to Sandeep Chatterjee, the director of film. They saw my work in crime patrol series and in various other shows – They called me for audition and I was selected for inspector Godbole’s role.

Tell us about the people who you drew inspiration from.

Abhijit Sinha: Nawazuddin Siddiqui is like a living encyclopaedia for me. Apart from this, Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri Sahib, Irfan Khan, Saurabh Shukla, Paresh rawal , Pankaj Kapoor, Kamal hasan and Piyush Mishra Sir are really some of my favourite people, I draw inspiration from.

Actor, Director, Script Writer, Corporate man etc – These roles in real life are quite tough to keep up with. Tell us about how did you juggle with all of them?

Abhijit Sinha: HaHa..It’s just that, I still believe in my old corporate days basics – Time management and Multitasking. All the skill sets I have developed like acting, script writing, direction – I have been trained in these professionally and with years of experience in this trade, there has been continuous improvement in my craft. As for Corporate working, it is in my blood and now my way of life. I tell people that I work in the entertainment industry and I have an acting job to do. I don’t feel it as a fame or stardom but only wish be like the same normal human being as always humble – See how A.R. Rahman conducts himself.

What’s next on your plate, Abhijit? How are you planning to take your career on the next level?-

Abhijit Sinha: I want to do acting in all formats of entertainment, always and as many projects as possible. Films especially which are content driven OR more like Web Series, Corporate films, Documentaries etc., I want to try my hand at everything. I have a small production house known as Euphoria films and have written and directed 6 short films; Out of these, three short films are international film festival award winners that give me a feeling of content and peace. I want to write and direct many cult content driven films, act in as many films and yes one day I wish to win a national award too.

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