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Giving our patient a realistic expectation about the treatment is important: Dr Prerna Taneja



Though God gives all of us unique features, body type, and skin colour, some people are not really happy with what they have got. That’s when the role of a Cosmetologist comes into play. QNA recenty spoke with Dr Prerna Taneja, CEO – Eximus Clinic, Medical Cosmetologist, Oral and Dental Specialist. In the interview, Dr Prerna shared how her journey in this profession started, things she keeps in mind while talking to her patients, some interesting cases in her career till now, and much more:

How did the journey of Cosmetologist and dental expert start?

Dr Prerna Taneja: My journey started way back in 2004 as a pioneer Digital Smile Design Expert.

My keen sense of aesthetics helped me to achieve amazing results for my patients. Since Smile design is an integral part of the way people look and feel about themselves, we had a limitation of not being able to change the skin and facial aesthetics. My patients also wanted me to give them holistic treatments and this motivated me to complete my Fellowship in Medical Cosmetology. There has been no looking back since then. I am able to help my patients holistically in the way they feel about themselves. We are effectively able to give them solutions for their hair, skin, teeth and surgical options of plastic surgery too.

What all things do you have to keep in mind while talking to your patients. (Sometimes some people get really conscious of their looks). Explain.

It is very important to not only understand the requirements of the patient but also be able to develop a rapport with the patients. When you talk to a patient with aesthetic requirements first of all you need to understand their psychology and also their expectation as they have a specific kind of requirement because they know themselves very minutely. Everybody is a creation of god and we as a doctor can enhance the appearance but not change the look completely sometimes. So, giving our patient a realistic expectation about the treatment is very important and I definitely ensure that we under promise the patient and over deliver!

Share an interesting case from your career?

Dr Prerna Taneja: I have a lot of interesting cases coming to my practice and they are mostly referral cases which come to me from my past patients who liked my work.

So, one of the most interesting cases from my career which I had done was of a lady who was 50 years old and she had a pigmentation issue. She had this problem for a long time but was not getting cured by any doctors of Delhi/NCR. Somebody referred her to me and she thought of trying it for the last time. So, when she came to me I explained everything to her. Her skin was very sensitive and damaged due to that she was not able to use both the essential elements that protect our skin; sun scream or even moisturizer as her skin got allergic to these cosmetics. Therefore, we hydrated her skin and had a step to step approach. Within a couple of months, the results were very visible on her skin and she was very happy with our services. This one case made me feel very fulfilled.

Have you ever come across any case in which the earlier surgery was a failure? How do you correct such cases?  

Dr Prerna Taneja: Yes, definitely! There are cases that I have treated in which the earlier surgery was a failure. As mentioned earlier, one of my most interesting cases is the example of the same. In that case also the lady was treated by several doctors and the result was a failure and I treated her with the best possible treatment according to my understanding and the result was absolutely what the patient wanted. There is a difference in treatment and also expectation. Sometimes, we as a doctor have to say no to few cases for their betterment but other times we take up cases in which the previous surgery has done a lot of damages to the patient’s skin and try to undo those damages that the surgery has manifested on the physical basis.

As a Medical Cosmetologist, what are all things you do?

Dr Prerna Taneja: As an Aesthetics practitioner, we deal with all areas of hair, skin and plastic surgery. We have a very dynamic team who is able to give best results to our patients. In skin, our treatments vary from acne, pigmentation, melisma, aging, Botox, fillers, medi- facials, Laser hair removal, Tattoo removal, scar correction etc.

In hair segment, we cater to hair regrowth, hair fall and hair transplant.

In Plastic Surgery, we cater to Gynecomastia, breast reduction, breast enlargement, liposuction, double chin treatment etc.

In Dental segment, we cater to smile designing, invisible braces, dental Implants, kids dentistry, painless dentistry, and general dentistry.

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