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Going live does not depend on me, it depends on when my fans want to see me live: Anushka Merchande



Having worked with well-renowned bollywood actors like Vidyut Jamwal, Anushka Merchande has proved her mettle in acting at a very young age. The Mumbai-based artist started her career at an early age after claiming the first runner up spot at Gladrags Little Miss India Contest (2017). She afterwards bagged a substantial role in the movie Khuda Hafiz alongside Vidyut. She has also done commercials for several popular brands including Samsung, Pizza Hut, Ujjivan Bank, HDFC, Joyalukkas Jewellery among others.

The 16 year old was also part of shows like Star Bharat’s ‘Lakshmi Ghar Aayi and Chikoo Yeh Ishq Nachaye.’ Anushka is now preparing for the release of her next show titled ‘Banni Chow Home Delivery’, which will be aired on Star Plus.

The young actress is highly active on social media and was recently interviewed about her activities on Instagram. Read her interview below:

What is your favourite thing about your Instagram profile?

Anushka: The thing that I find most fascinating about my Instagram profile is that it has an aesthetic vibe. My profile showcases me at my best and speaks explicitly about my profession.

Do you feel the pressure of posting on Instagram daily?

Anushka: No I don’t feel pressurized to post daily. I think posting unnecessarily ruins your profile. It depends completely on me what do I want to post. Whenever I feel that I have an important update to post or I have had a good picture clicked which I want on my profile, then I go for posting it.

How often do you go live on Instagram?

Anushka: Going live does not actually depend on me, it depends on the requests I get from the fans. Whenever a lot of my fans request me to go live, I do so without having them to wait much.

Do you write all your captions on your own?

Anushka: Earlier, I used to write all my captions on my own, but that requires quite some time. So most of the times, I now go with some lyrics, which suits my picture. Lyrical captions look beautiful with the picture and they are also easy to decide upon.

Do you revert to fans personally on DM or comments?

Anushka: Yes I revert to my fans in the comment section, especially those who have left a lovely comment. Talking about the DMs, I only reply to those who send some really sweet messages which cheer me up and make my day.

Do you stalk anyone on Instagram?

Anushka: Yes I do. I am an ardent fan of Gigi Hadid. I love her Instagram profile and she is truly an inspiration to me. So I frequently stalk her profile.

What is that one thing that makes your Instagram better than any other social media?

Anushka: As I mentioned before, I feel that my Instagram profile is very aesthetic and organised. Moreover I enjoy posting on Instagram as most of the people are more active on Instagram in comparison to any other social media site.

Tell us 3 reasons why your Instagram account is important for you?

Anushka: As an actress, Instagram is of utmost importance to me for three reasons:

One, I post my work related updates on my feed.

Secondly, I stay in constant touch with my fans who support me and shower all their love on me.

Thirdly, I love using Instagram. It’s a great app one can use in free time. You get all the updates, entertaining content and some knowledgeable stuff as well. So I enjoy using it.

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