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HAYR will be a game changer in terms of passenger safety and automobile uses: Harjeet Singh, CMD, Hayr Technology



In an interview with the man who is bringing forth change in the car sector in Chandigarh; here we are up and close with CMD Harjeet Singh, talking about all benefits and problems about his new venture about CAR Care Services and Shared Mobility with his brand HAYR.

What nudged you to offer a service like HAYR Car Share?

Harjeet Singh: Car Sharing is becoming one of the best and common options for people to drive with ease. We at HAYR have the motto to offer extra to the customer – Extra help, happiness and support; Hence with the car care service going on strong, we decided to offer CAR SHARING too. Mostly, I believe that car sharing will benefit people all in all, by saving their money, time and definitely doing the good for the environment – Therefore we had another reason to start the venture.

How do you see its future in India in the upcoming time?

Harjeet Singh: India is changing drastically with each passing day. Our lives are getting upgraded and people are beginning to stick with a minimalistic approach. You see people pooling cars for their office or other places; And now that they have an option for shared mobility, so why not just rent a car and drive it on your own; It’s much safer when compared and have less implications on the energy consumption factor too.

What is your take on shared mobility? Why is it important for our cities and communities?

Harjeet Singh: Shared mobility options will give people viable options to still get around the city as needed. This makes sense because one vehicle shared among multiple people will get more usage and waste less space sitting idle. Single car would be used by multiple users and they would be making reductions in Fuel Consumption, Environmental Pollution, and Traffic jams at a certain stage. Besides you won’t be even paying anything extra than the miles you cover.

Recently there is news allegation about not paying salaries to staff? Can u explain what happened actually?

Harjeet Singh: I am aware of the allegations that have been made and let me clarify that none of these are true in nature. This is a completely fake comment as it’s been published anonymously by someone on Quora. Even the company is now eligible for Fleet Vehicle Licensing & Registration. Cars will be soon landing in city and service should start by February end. The complaint has already been filed by us and we are looking forward to fight the fake news legally. And yes I can say that all of the salary gets transferred into my employees’ salary accounts on time and there’s no doubt about that.

How HAYR Car Share is different from other similar service providers?

Harjeet Singh: HAYR is completely different and safe. Now-a-days as more automobile sharing companies are coming into market, safety is becoming a big concern for all passengers. Female passengers feel fear to travel late night. We have heard lots of bad news about this on internet or paper. But HAYR Car Share is safe. We are introducing a concept where you can drive yourself and it’s all hassle-free. We even don’t charge customer if they ramp car into pole or any damage, all money will be recovered by insurance. Besides we are the first ones in India to provide free float self drive, which is not provided by any other service provider in India.

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