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Healing is a science: Richa Jindal



Being a certified Neuro-linguistic program Trainer, Child Psychologist, Higher Chakra Healer, Past life Regression Therapist, and much more, Richa is an Energy Alchemist and Founder of The Womb Stories. She gets in a quick conversation with us and reveals the secrets of healing, her techniques, how should one choose their healer, and a lot more.

Please Tell Us About Yourself?

Richa: I am a past life regression therapist and 5D Healer. I am also certified Neuro-linguistic program Trainer, Child Psychologist, Higher Chakra Healer, Angelic Card Reader, Crystals Healer, Akashic Reader, Past life Regression Therapist. I have coached thousands of people across the world, to help them become powerful creators and masters of their life, mind, emotion, energies, body, and the universal and earth energy.

What’s your USP & technique?

Richa: I observe a lot of emotional undercurrents while doing these past life sessions. In these sessions, I make a client understand about karmic baggage, thus helping them to release this baggage with my healing therapies. A lot of issues start in the womb even before the child is born, which are imprinted on their DNA.

The modality I use is 5 D healing technique, which is done using the heart energy points to help the person heal not only from his emotional but mental as well as physical (diseases) state.

Can you explain in detail about healing and energy? How it works.

Richa: We all are aware that everything is made up of energy. But what frequencies and vibrations our thoughts create due to the intent behind those thoughts create our entire beings.

With healing, we help you understand these patterns which create a lot of pain (emotional and physical) resulting in DNA Imprinting.

Once you understand your patterns you can realise and heal your body. As our bodies have both the powers to create the disease and heal it as well.

What effects does healing work?

Richa: It only has one simple effect, it helps you release your patterns resulting in a better mind style.

We work on the mind style to create a healthy being in you.

What are the things one should do post healing?

Richa: Post healing, an individual becomes an observer who understand his mind and thinking patterns.

How should one choose a healer?

Richa: Healing is a science, before choosing a healer one should always know the working style of the person.

How are you trying to reach people and their response?

Richa: We are creating awareness in various social media platform and trying to connect with masses. We are also creating videos in TikTok, Facebook etc which are getting popular. We also conducting free Sunday healing sessions. Recently, we organised a free healing session in AIIMS for the underprivileged.

What advice do you want to share with people?

Richa: Don’t just work on-the lifestyle, work on the Mind-style.

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