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Holding onto a vision gives me anxiety: Pooja Poddar Marwah



In the book ‘Pursuit-drawn by destiny’, Pooja Poddar Marwah talks about how the pursuit is about chasing a dream; one that makes the young Kate Princeton wake up in cold sweat every other day. It is about holding onto a vision that she cannot understand because it is something she has never felt in her whole life. It scares her, unnerves her and puts her in a state of anxiousness until she is standing in front of the same vision.

Pooja talks to QNA to share the inspiration attached to this book, the challenges she faced, the time she spent, and a lot more.

What inspired you to pen down Pursuit-drawn by destiny? 

Pooja: I never had any idea that my scribbles would turn out into a full-fledged manuscript. While waiting for my kids to finish their co-curricular, I used to sit in the parking lot and write. I had no agenda nor any timeline. All I knew was that I was having fun writing, so I continued that and at the end of 6 months, I had a Pursuit in my hands. 

What were the hardships that you faced during the journey of this book?

Pooja: Nothing, really. Since there wasn’t any agenda with timelines or even the story, I just went with the flow. 

How long did you take to compile the book and why?

Pooja: After I wrote it, I actually just left it on my Mac until a friend saw it and coerced me to get it published. It took me about 3 years from start to where I am today. 

What is the genesis of Pursuit- drawn by destiny? 

Pooja: My delectable threesome of faith, trust, and love! 

What message would you like to convey through your book?

Pooja: Dreams do come true, miracles do happen… If only you have the courage to pursue them. And, believe me, there could be a time that you find yourself at rock bottom. That is where you need to get up and force yourself to keep walking! No matter what comes your way, don’t ever ever ever give up on your dream. 

As an author, what are your thoughts on a paperback vs. Ebook?

Pooja: I am fairly old school on this one. There is nothing more intoxicating for me than the smell of paper and being able to hold a book and curl up on the couch. But times change and the ebook is gaining popularity and increasing readership due to its convenience. 

One memory that the Pursuit etched in your mind?

Pooja: All I ever wanted in life was love and through Pursuit, I have found it. Writing gives me immense pleasure in life and I lose myself in the characters and begin having conversations with them as though they are real. The journey of Pursuit is one that has changed me as a woman.

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