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I am born to design jewellery: Voila Kapoor Aditya



Being a renowned name in the jewellery business, Voila Kapoor Aditya has appeared twice in the Lakme Fashion Week, Bombay. She is also educated in diamond cutting, polish jewellery manufacturing, computer-aided designing, stone setting, and Gemology by doing some professional courses at Gem Testing Laboratory (Jaipur).

Voila Kapoor, after finishing her Commerce Degree planned to learn A-Z about Jewellery and spent the next 3 years in Jaipur and Surat and gained a keen understanding of all aspects of this business. Then, with her mother Dr. Niru Setia Kapoor, she opened a small jewellery boutique in 2006.

What makes Voila stand out from the crowd is that being a creative soul, she gets new ideas everyday and she likes to sketch the designs on paper.

How did your journey as a jewellery designer begin?

Voila Kapoor Aditya: I was at an age of choosing how my life would turn out professionally, and I realised that I wanted to be a jewellery designer. Namita Sharma is the one who not only encouraged me to take this path but also convinced my parents to choose this as my career.

In the year 2004, I completed my education in fashion designing, which did not excite me at all. I was always having an interest in jewellery designing but I had to pursue fashion designing as at that time, it was a safer road to take.

What inspires you in designing a jewellery piece?

Voila Kapoor Aditya: I feel like I am born to design jewellery. This is my passion and I like curves and making innovative and creative designs. These things are my cravings as I live to do all these things.

One thing that is your take away from the field you are in?

Voila Kapoor Aditya: The only thing, I have learned and came to know in my whole career is that “Diamond is a girl’s best friend”.

What is the current project and what are you doing to bring out the best in that for the customers?

Voila Kapoor Aditya: Right now, I am working towards creating and launching Krivoya – a top-notch brand. I have plans to open around 100 franchises and stores around the world in the coming five years. For all this, my untiring efforts are always there as I love to do all the things and people are widely accepting my designs and showering their love by purchasing my designs.

What were the challenges you faced while introducing Voyala?

Voila Kapoor Aditya: I think when somebody does something with passion, determination, and zeal then everything seems like a cakewalk. Moreover, I also feel “Jeweller, advocate and doctor” are three professionals that always remain constant for their clients in long run.

How is Voyala Jewels different from other players in the market?

Voila Kapoor Aditya: Being the manufacturers, every piece is designed differently from others. We make the designs by analyzing the trend and need of the customers, which satiates the customer by spending the amount on it. We make the customized designs according to the attires and of course, the fact that even today, I prefer designing on paper.

What is fashion for you?

Voila Kapoor Aditya: Fashion is different for different people. In my perspective, when a person gets more comfortable and confident in carrying and wearing the look – it is the fashion.

Anything you would like to share with the aspiring entrepreneur?

Voila Kapoor Aditya: Hard work is the key to success. And obviously, practice makes a man perfect, so always try with more efforts and zeal and spark to clinch your aim. Stay focused on your path, and one day the right door will open for you.

A message for the world.

Voila Kapoor Aditya: For all the men, let your woman buy jewellery without any restrictions as they get happier by buying all these kinds of stuff.