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I don’t think of myself as a celebrity right now: Sufiyan Malik



Being only a 19-year-old college student, Sufiyan Malik had made quite a mark for himself in the music industry. He says, trying to balance studies and music is a difficult and challenging task, but that is what he believes will teach him about time and life management.

Let’s see what all this young chap has to share with us…

What inspired you to take up music as your career?

Sufiyan Malik: I am still a college student. Music is my passion and a way to make my people from Kashmir proud of me for restoring the traditional culture.

In the era of westernisation, how do you stay true to Indian music? Do you think sometime you will have to shift towards western music? 

Sufiyan Malik: Although, it is very important to stay original and bound to our roots. But sometimes, it is important to mix western with our own style, to make it more familiar to the western audiences, so that they develop an interest in our style too.

You have often said ‘Game of Thrones’ played a role in reviving rabab? Elaborate.

Sufiyan Malik: After doing a cover of Pirates and Caribbean, which was appreciated in Kashmir a lot, I and my team decided to go a step ahead by doing the same but in a very professional way. Keeping rabab the main instrument was the way of showing people that our tradition is not dead. The video when released in March of 2018 and received appreciation all around the world. It was selected in 2019 by HBO for their official ‘GoT’ fan anthem and was the only entry from India.

Being only 19, what kind of fears, doubts, and pressures you have? 

Sufiyan Malik: The only pressure I find is in balancing studies and music. It is a difficult and challenging task. But my mentors have also told me that it will teach me time and life management.

How does it feel to be a celebrity at this age? What keeps you grounded?

Sufiyan Malik: I don’t think I am a celebrity right now. I am still finding my way forward. But being recognised by people really motivates me a lot. No matter how long one lives, one should be grounded.

Setting new goals and working towards them is what keeps me grounded. It makes me feel that I haven’t done enough and there is still a lot of scope left.

What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Sufiyan Malik: I am working on background score for two movies and my album is in works that will out in 2021!

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