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If it had not been Shah Rukh and his vision for me, I would not have been here: Deepika Padukone



Deepika Padukone became the target of people for hurting religious sentiments but as soon as the film was released, it was only love and admiration that was showered on her. The global star once again impressed the audiences with her performance and the chemistry (with SRK) that you surely cannot ignore. Post the success of the film, the fabulous actor talks about her bond with the superstar, working on Pathaan and more.

Your chemistry with Shah Rukh has always been appreciated. How do you manage to bring that out on screen?

Deepika Padukone: With Pathaan, it was interesting that the chemistry was so palpable but our characters so different. I do not think you have seen either of us play characters like we have in Pathaan. But what makes it special is what’s there beyond papers.  Whether it’s Om Shanti Om, Happy New Year, Chennai Express or even that one song Love Mera Hit Hit, what makes it special is the love, trust and relationship we share. I have great respect for him as an artiste but even more for him as a human. Everybody knows that if it had not been Shah Rukh and his vision for me, I would not have been here. He has given me confidence. It’s that relationship that translates into what you see on screen.

The film is getting so much love from the audiences. What’s your reaction to it?

Deepika Padukone: It feels amazing. We were indoors, doing screenings for a long time but as we finally got to move out and see people’s reaction…and experience this kind of love, it was surreal. The fact that a movie like this can bring people together, and bring so much joy to their lives, feels amazing. It almost feels like a festive celebration.

And while working on the film, did you ever think that it would do so well?

Deepika Padukone: I do not think we set out to break records. Instead, we set out to make a film with love and right intentions.

And most importantly we had a good time working on it. This is something SRK taught me during my first movie – to work with people you think you are going to have a good time with. That makes a huge difference. There is no tension. It’s a lovely atmosphere to be in and I feel that’s what the audience is also taking back with them. The intent with which we made this movie was pure love. We always had the desire to bring the audience together and bring joy to their life. And that’s what we are seeing today.

Your association with Yash Raj films is very different and strong…

Deepika Padukone: When I entered the film industry, like everyone it was like a dream to be presented by Yash Raj. But never in my wildest dreams I had thought that I would get to do so many films with them, this one definitely being the most memorable. I want to thank them for thinking of a female character like that. I think to see how cinema has evolved and how female characters are being written, it feels amazing.  Also, I would like to mention that Siddharth here thought of me for this role and I will forever be grateful for that.