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If will power is strong, a person can even conquer the Mount Everest, says Anjita Sinha



There is no denying that motherhood is like a roller coaster ride. And being a working mum is even tougher as the ride never halts.

Today, spoke to Anjita Sinha about the experience of her motherhood, on this Mother’s Day. Sinha is currently working with a leading Hindi newspaper “Rashtriya Sahara” as senior journalist. Earlier, she also worked with several reputed media organizations, including Aakashwani, Doordarshan Kendra (Patna) and Hindustan.

Striking an equilibrium between work and motherhood is not an easy task, especially on top position in the field of journalism. So how do you manage your personal and professional life?

Anjita Sinha: The biggest thing is will power. If will power is strong, a person can even conquer the Mount Everest. My daughter was six months old when I decided to walk out of the circle of insult, torture and suffocation, considering the decision beneficial both for me and my daughter. Although the road ahead was difficult, the decision became a milestone in my daughter’s life. Regardless of what the society would say, I put all my efforts into raising my daughter and remained dedicated to my work. Thanks to over 25 years of experience in this field, I’ve made my identity, prepared my base and kept the ray of hope for a better world. My daughter Radhika is preparing for civil services. She is also a Bharatanatyam dancer. It becomes easy to play a dual role when we set our work priorities. Stayed out for twelve hours for reporting. It became possible to maintain harmony between the child’s responsibility and upbringing when people use their potential properly.

Today, a constant dilemma of ‘career vs family’ is being faced by a large proportion of working mothers. How do you view this conundrum?

Anjita Sinha: One concern which always remains in working mothers’ minds is that they are unable to give more time to their children, but then they get satisfied as well if parents give them some quality time. Such children grow up seeing the hard work of the mother and her courage, which helps to make them stronger. Such children try to become a reflection of the mother. Smile under adverse circumstances, only then life will give success.

What’s the best thing about being a working mom?

Anjita Sinha: It gives me immense satisfaction when Radhika says “My mother is the light that shines and pulls me forward. Such a terrific role model she is, truly an inspiration.”

Women journalists face several challenges, including unfair representation, negative societal attitudes, and the gender pay gap. Do you think media organizations should ensure gender equality?

Anjita Sinha: My advice to girls aspiring to pursue a career in media is that journalism is the best medium of social service. It is not just the field of glamour. Work hard, stay away from any kind of temptation and remember one thing that there is no short cut of success. The harder the struggle, the greater the success.

Tarun Jain is a Journalist, Blogger, Translator, Social Media Expert and Cartoon Lover. He served in Punjab Kesari as journalist. Currently he is working as Senior Content Contributor at Tarun has 5+years of experience working in media industry including work for several regional media houses.