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If you can’t die for cinema, you have no right living off it: Shah Rukh Khan



Post the release of much-awaited film Pathaan, king khan Shah Rukh Khan talks about working on the project for four years, embracing the love and affection people have for him and collaborating with YRF studios once again.

The film has become a huge hit and has broken 17 records, including the first film to enter 100 crore club within a day. How does it feel?

Shah Rukh Khan: It is an experience which has not sunken. I still can’t believe that people are loving this film so much. In this interview, I want to thank god, people involved in the film, media and the audiences. I can’t thank them enough. There were time when we called people to say ki prem se release karwaadein humaari film ko. And thankfully they took the charge. Because for me, audience watching the film with love is what matters the most. Film watching… film making is an experience of love and I want to appreciate that. Film ek choti si cheez hai, entertinment ka ..khushi ka ek zariya hai. Na bhi acchi lage, koi baat nahi. Har tareeke ki cheez aati hai. People should just feel happy.

And how does is feel when there were lakhs of people giving you love when your film becomes a hit?

Shah Rukh Khan: If if the film does not do well, log mujhe jab bhi utna hi pyaar dete hain. My elders told me one thing – When you are upset, go to people who give you love and not to the ones who tell you how to do things better..or people who you work with. And I am lucky to have millions of such people. So when I am happy, I go to the balcony, when I am upset, I go to the balcony.

How was the experience of making the film over the course of four years. Did Covid also pose several challenges?

Shah Rukh Khan: Firstly, I would say that it’s nice to be back. Me kabhi jaldi me nahi rehta koi film kahatm krne ke. My genuine desire as an acor is to make people happy and when I fail in it, nobody is more upset than me. This film is a very big, expensive, time consuming. To come to me at a time when I was not working and allow me to be a part of it, I will ever be grateful to Aditya Chopra and Siddharth (director). I have forgotten about those 4 years in these 4 days because of the love I have been receiving.

As for the challenges, life has good as well as bad parts. For me as well, it was all the same. During Covid, which was a very difficult time for the entire world, there were certain good and bad things that happened. The good part was that I could see my children growing up. I could spend time with my family and friends.

What about your experience working with Yash Raj Films?

Shah Rukh Khan: I strongly believe that if you can’t die for cinema, you have no right living off it and YRF is like that. YRF loves love cinema.

My journey started with Yash Raj ji directing me in the film Darr and it has been a very fulfilling one since then. He always gave me too much love. I feel when it comes to filmmaking, the saying ‘no guts, no glory’ stands true and YRF is known for that. Whether it was Amitabh Bachchan’s Lamhe, which was ahead of his time or a film like Fan that did not do well, to take chances like that take a lot of guts.

None in the YRF team does anything for any other reason besides pleasing the audiences. As professional, YRF has guts to make different films with ease. It’s a big, risk taking production house. As friends, I love them to death.

What about the controversies created around the film as many felt it has hurt their sentiments?

Shah Rukh Khan: Anyone who makes movies, whether they are from East, West, North or South, their only aim is to spread love, brotherhood, kindness even if the character that we are playing is bad. None of us are bad in reality. We are just playing characters that are meant to entertain the audiences. So even if our character says certain things in the film, it is not meant to disappoint you or hurt your sentiments. It’s just meant for entertainment.
As for the actors in the film, I say this often that Deepika is Amar, I am Akbar and John is Anthony and that’s what makes the cinema. We love each other and have immense respect for each other.

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