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Inside JB Combs: A conversation with leading plastic comb manufacturer in India, Deepak Kothari



Plastic Comb Manufacturers

In the personal grooming industry, JB Combs has established itself as a renowned plastic comb manufacturer in Mumbai, India. With over 25 years of experience and a customer base across India and abroad, this company has carved a niche by offering high-quality hair combs and grooming accessories.

We spoke with Mr. Deepak Kothari, the driving force behind JB Combs, to gain insights into their success and what sets them apart as top comb manufacturers.

What inspired you to venture into the plastic comb manufacturing business?

Deepak Kothari: Our journey began with the understanding that hair combs are indispensable grooming tools, and providing quality products that cater to diverse hair types and needs is crucial. We identified an opportunity to contribute to the industry by combining craftsmanship, technology, and a commitment to sustainability as plastic comb manufacturers.

Can you shed light on JB Combs’ manufacturing process and the materials used?

Deepak Kothari: At JB Combs, we have our own spacious factory equipped with the latest machinery and a skilled team of technical experts. We carefully source high-quality plastic molds and other required materials that are durable. We manufacture affordable combs, and it sets us apart from other comb manufacturers.

What are the key factors that contribute to the superior quality of JB Combs’ products?

Deepak Kothari: Quality is our top priority in the plastic comb manufacturing industry. We follow stringent quality control measures at every stage of production, from material selection to product design and manufacturing. Our experienced team pays close attention to detail, ensuring that each comb meets our exacting standards before reaching the customer.
We emphasize design, finishing, and packaging to leave a long-lasting impression on the users.

JB Combs offers a diverse range of comb styles. Can you highlight some of your bestsellers?

Deepak Kothari: Our 7-inch plastic comb, 8-inch plastic comb, and 9-inch ladies’ combs, available in various colors and shapes, are popular due to their seamless design and flexible bristles, making them ideal for styling and detangling as ladies comb manufacturers.

Our pocket combs and handle combs are also highly sought after for their convenience and precise grooming capabilities as top comb manufacturers.

If I talk about our entire range, we manufacture the following products:

  • 9-inch Ladies Comb: With its larger size, this comb is ideal for detangling and styling longer hair lengths.
  • 8-inch Ladies Comb: This medium-sized comb is suitable for detangling and grooming shoulder-length to long hair.
  • 7-inch Comb: The compact size of this comb makes it convenient for styling and managing shorter hair lengths.
  • Pocket Combs: These small, portable combs are designed to be carried in pockets or purses for on-the-go touch-ups and grooming.
  • Handle Combs: These all-purpose combs with a ergonomic handle design provide precise trimming and drag-free combing.
  • Shampoo Combs: With their wide teeth and smooth tips, these combs are perfect for detangling and massaging the scalp during shampooing.
  • Brush Combs: Featuring a combination of bristles and teeth, these combs are suitable for brushing and grooming various hair types.
  • Printed Combs: These uniquely designed and printed combs, often with gentle bristles, are ideal for delicate hair and add a touch of style.
  • Tooth Combs: These combs with widely spaced teeth help distribute hair’s natural oils evenly, making them suitable for managing frizzy hair.
  • Family Pack: This assortment of combs in various sizes and shapes caters to the grooming needs of an entire family.
  • Salon Combs: These are scientifically designed professional hairdressing salon brushes and combs, perfect for use with hairdryers and straighteners in commercial salon settings.

How does JB Combs ensure customer satisfaction and stay ahead of the competition?

Deepak Kothari: Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority as leading comb manufacturers. We actively engage with our customers, seeking their feedback and tailoring our products to meet their evolving needs. We have a 4.9-star rating out of 5 on our Google Business profile, which is an excellent rating based on our industry standard.

Can you share your plans for the future and any exciting new product launches on the horizon?

Deepak Kothari: We are constantly exploring new avenues to expand our reach and cater to a broader customer base as plastic comb manufacturers and wooden comb manufacturers. In the coming months, we plan to introduce a range of sustainable, eco-friendly combs. We are also working on developing specialized combs for specific hair types and grooming needs, ensuring that every individual finds the perfect solution for their hair care routine from top comb manufacturers like us.

We also focus on exporting combs to Gulf countries, as there is a huge demand for Indian-made combs in the Gulf region.

Contact information:

Brand Name: JB Combs

Firm: Baba Plastic Industries

Contact Person: Deepak Kothari

Mobile: +91 981 999 0211


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