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I’ve always been taught to stay grounded: Aanchal Munjal



After making a mark for herself in Hindi entertainment industry with small and big roles in various TV shows, and films like ‘Aarakshan’ and ‘We Are Family’, Aanchal went on to work in the South Indian industry as well. In an interaction with QNA, the actor shares her experience in both the industries, criteria for choosing the project, how much she has grown in all this time, and much more:

You were in the industry when you were so young, what was your family’s reaction when you told them about your interest in acting?

Aanchal: It was my mom who understood my potential of being an actor. My entire family was against it. But my mom gathered the courage to bring me to Mumbai and let me live my dreams.

What has changed since ‘We are Family’ till now for Aanchal Munjal as a person and as an actor?

Aanchal: When I realise the fact, that I started my career with Dharma, I really feel grateful about it. ‘We are family’ was a lovely experience and I cherish it till date. As an actor, things changed for me when everyone in the film industry started recognising me and slowly I was known internationally with an immense amount of love from all over the world. As Aanchal, I’ve always been taught to stay grounded and connected with my roots, so the more recognition I received, the more I was reminded to stay true to my roots. 

You have worked in quite a few films in 9 years – how did you get the projects, on what basis did you choose them?

Aanchal: It’s actually 13 years to be precise. The first show I got when I was 9 years old. My roles depend on their weightage and the way I’ve to prepare for them. I love playing roles that allow me to push my limits, demand me to work harder.

You have shared the screen with some of the A-listers in the industry. Being so young in age, what kind of thoughts went in your mind while you were working with them?

Aanchal: Honestly, I am really happy about the kind of people I’ve worked with in my career. But when I go on sets, I don’t really look at them as superstars but as my co-actors because I’m so much in my character. While working in ‘Aarakshan’, I would actually consider Amitabh Sir as my academics teacher and that helped me bring out the best in my character. 

You have worked as a lead in Kollywood film. How was the experience different?

Aanchal: I’ve worked in a Kollywood film called ‘Sei’ and it was a wonderful experience as it was the first time I was making my debut in that language. The excitement of working in a different industry made me learn the language to an extent, I never thought I would. The people in Tamil Nadu were extremely warm and very welcoming towards me. I love how they respect each and everybody artist there.

As an artist, which industry and audience have accepted you more – Bollywood or Kollywood? Why?

Aanchal: Since I’ve been a part of the Bollywood industry since my very childhood, I obviously have more fan following here but Kollywood in itself gave me a lot of love, respect and welcomed me with open arms. The way I was treated on sets was nothing less than treating a goddess. They were extremely careful of my needs and gave me the time I needed to prepare for my role.

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