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Jhilmil’s journey from newsletters to blogging



Being stuck in a 9-to-5 schedule, Jhilmil Bhansali Jain was working in the telecom industry before she recognised her ‘true calling’. In a conversation with QNA, the parenting blogger talks about what has changed after she started pursuing blogging, how she came up with the name for her blog, what is the hardest part of being a blogger, and much more:

How was your life prior to blogging?

Jhilmil Bhansali Jain: Before blogging, I was engaged in Corporate Life. I was working in the telecom industry and my life revolved around excels, presentations, meetings and all of that. Whatever breaks we had, we used to explore different places for the love of travel and nature.

I was into Finance and Marketing and also acted as an analyst to our CEO, so, the responsibilities were huge. In my career, I got some great opportunities, which helped me build as a person. I used to write then too, but our corporate newsletters. From newsletters to blogging, the journey has been mind-blowing and full of learnings for me.

Since when did you start blogging and how have you changed in all this while?

Jhilmil Bhansali Jain: Writing was always in me since the school days. During that time, it was confined only to my personal diary. Flashback to the year 2014, when I took maternity break after the birth of my baby. During that time, I started my blog on WordPress on travel and womanhood, simply as a hobby. It continued after I joined back my corporate life 4 months after. Excited by the feedback of my husband and colleagues, I got myself a domain and switched to self-hosted sites, one for Motherhood and another for Travel.

I continued writing with my professional job. In mid-2017, I gave up on my 10 years of professional career at a managerial level.

Quitting the Professional job was a very tough decision for me. But blogging opened up ample opportunities (after an initial hard struggle) and I started loving my new life. One thing that I feel has changed when compared to my corporate life is, I get to know a lot of new brands and their reflective approaches now. I’ve connected with so many industries and media people in these 2.5years. All of this gives me a sense of connection and achievement.

The way my blogs have made the progress, I’m more than happy today.

Being a mom blogger, what is the most fun and the hardest part?

Jhilmil Bhansali Jain: The tag of “Mom Blogger” comes with a great sense of responsibility. And, this is the hardest part too. As you get established here, brands try to loop you into their promotion strategies. But one needs to understand the facts before undertaking any collaboration. You ought to be very clear with regard to the brand ethos and its products. Monetisation is important, but being judicious and cascading the right information is more important to ensure the trust you’ve built upon. There needs to be a considerate balance between these two.

The most fun part is, that I get to work with my family. Since my writing and the brands I endorse includes my kid too, it becomes fun. Someday, we are baking together and at days, we are enjoying our pretend plays. When your family is your team, nothing else can be more exciting, don’t you agree?

How did you come up with the name of your blog? Share the story with us.

Jhilmil Bhansali Jain: The name of your blog is everything, as I believe it should narrate the hat I’m wearing as a mom, a woman, and a crazy traveller. I have two blogs, Mommyinme and familyonthewheels. When I was thinking of names for my blog, I wanted it to be such that they reflect my thoughts with the world. Although, the angle of SEO and Domain availability also came in the picture, which narrowed down on the names. 

Mommyinme, as the name says, is a Mom blog, wherein I share my Motherhood, Health – wellness and Womanhood related stories. 

While Familyonthewheels, is a blog where we, travel freak family of three, share our travel tales. Along with our son (5years old), we have already covered 60 cities, 18 states and 7 countries by now. 

At an early stage, your name helps your audience to get an overall feel of what they can expect from your blog. As the readership builds, it becomes an identity. I’m so glad that today my readers & followers recognise me with my blog name and relate with my posts. Well, that is an ecstatic feeling for me.

You are present on almost every social media platform, which is your favourite and why?

Jhilmil Bhansali Jain: Ah yes! To have an account on every social media might be easy, but to showcase your genuine work through every social media is crazy. Amongst Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn – Instagram is my favourite platform. The reason being, more and more people are getting connected as a small world. It’s a beautiful visual platform to share your stories, experiences to the world. Search on Instagram is quite friendly and after almost 2.5years, I’ve built a lovely family here.

Every platform is unique in its sense. While twitter helps me get a glance and share my views, Facebook is more of a personal platform. Being a professional, I was active on LinkedIn before my blogging too. Pinterest is less explored in India, but it as a great search engine. Pinterest has helped my blog gain a lot of traffic and genuine readership.

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