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Justice done to the role matters more for Rahul Chaudhari than just a popular face



Being a well known theatre enthusiast, Rahul Chaudhari entered the regional film industry as a director and is now ready with his second Marathi movie to make another mark in the industry.

He is a primarily theatre person who believes that a person needs to fit the role and do justice to it, regardless of his/her popularity. Now that he is extending in both, Marathi and Hindi film industry, he is starting to get good response from the audience. In an exclusive interaction with us, Rahul talks about his journey and everything related to it.

Rahul, what matters more for you? Box office success or leaving a mark in audience’s heart!

Rahul: I am not going to be cliche and run away from this question by saying that box office doesn’t matter me, because the success earned at the box office decides the career of each and every team member of a film, so box office collection is very important. Still I prefer a film wherein the content of the film will be mine but the movie should be able to reach to the mass according to their likes and I believe the skill lies in this. This will enable to achieve success at the box office and also get the love from audience. So content and box office collection, both are necessary.

Between Marathi Cinema and Hindi Cinema, do you find any common factor?

Rahul: Both marathi and hindi cinema have their positive and negative factors. I find marathi cinema rich in content whereas hindi cinema are technically smart.Marathi movies are ignored technically maybe because of budget. Also Hindi movies are always one step ahead in marketing. But one thing which I feel common and which is also very important is the strong desire to make movies which is more prevalent compared to other languages.

What’s your plan on tackling social issues through your movies?

Rahul: Social issues are being tackled in movies since long. Now they are becoming more realistic.  The research needed for that is very important. Social issues shoudn’t be misused just to gain fame but they should be properly delivered to the people. I like to work on social issues. These issues shouldn’t be wasted. Once you decide to make movie on it, you should be able to give 100% justice to it.

Tell us about your journey.

Rahul: To learn the basic fundamentals of theatre, I did my bachelors in natyashashtra from Jalgoan and later did my masters in theatre from mumbai university. I took these degrees because theatre is my love. Since 14 years I am working as a director in theatre. While doing this, Mumbai seemed like scrutinizing me in all manner but I was prepared for everything mentally. But I never coined it as ‘struggle’ because when you want to achieve something you need to take efforts so naming that process as’Struggle’ may sound wierd. During this period of struggle, I never assisted anyone to learn the techniques of cinema. I have learnt all the things by myself and done my work which forms my journey till today.

How are you planning to extend in both industries?

Rahul: In my opinion,be it any industry, language doesnt matter. What matters is your content and your unique approach towards that content. My focus is set on the content. My upcoming movie will prove that. I am not working in the industry to achieve fame but my inclination is towards doing a film which will challenge me, a film which will demand my 100% energy then be it Hindi or Marathi, I will love to do such cinema.

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