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Miss Queen of Nations doesn’t judge contestants in terms of ‘beauty standards’: C Eline Sangtam on winning the title



As C. Elina Sangtam from Nagaland becomes the first ever Miss Queen of Nations, speaks with the winner about her participation, her journey, experience and much more.

Miss Queen of Nations – an initiative by Naaz Joshi – is a beauty pageant organised to raise awareness on social issues.

Excerpts from the Interview:

How do you feel to be given the title of Miss Queen of Nations?

C. Elina: On being chosen as the winner of first-ever Miss Queen Of Nations, I felt grateful. I thanked God and the entire team of organisers, my family, and friends for supporting me all throughout my journey and helping me win this glorious title.

How is this title different from all other beauty titles like Miss India or Miss World?

C. Elina: This title doesn’t judge the contestants in terms of height, weight, figure, status or any particular interest. This platform provides opportunities to all the winners of different beauty pageants of all categories to compete. It’s mostly focused on social work and what one can do for the well-being of the community & people.

How many participants were there? How was your experience?

C. Elina: There were 60 women participants from all over India. It was a pleasure to compete with such amazing beautiful ladies which gave me the privilege to learn and grow throughout my journey in this contest.

Since it is a title that requires you to indulge in social issues, what all social issues were a part of this event?

C. Elina: I worked on issues around transgender empowerment, women empowerment, and other women issues. I created awareness on transgender & women empowerment of North-East women. And for that, I closely worked with an NGO “Prince’s Charity Organization” and raised money for Transgender. I also organized a small beauty pageant online where participants were awarded. Another work that can be highlighted was using social media; I even educated people on women empowerment of North-East Women.

What is the best compliment you heard in the entire competition?

C. Elina: I did my part best with all my capacities and put my heart and time into everything. I was told that I have a good heart.

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