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Mitali Mayekar: Deepika Padukone’s confidence makes me fall for her



Mitali Mayekar is among a popular name in Marathi Entertainment world. Her fresh and charming smile and lovely eyes have become an instant hit among teenagers. Excerpt from an interaction with Mitali.

You practiced in various collage functions and joined theater group to become actor. How do you rate yourself as actor?

Mitali: I cannot! I don’t see myself in a position to rate anybody, not even me. I’m still a learner and I forever will be.

What is your inspiration behind admiring Deepika Padukone?

Mitali: Her charm, confidence. I like her as an actress too. But it’s her confidence that makes me fall for her.

Can you share any memory with Shah Rukh Khan and Irrfan Khan while shooting in Billu.

Mitali: Oh they’re the most down to earth and the sweetest person I know. We used to play a lot of cricket and cards on the sets. I don’t remember the time when they just sat back in there vanities. They always used to be ready for anything. Games, talks, long walks, food! Shahrukh khan once drove me to the set in his car from our hotel and that was probably the bestest day of my life.

Which historical character you would love to play on screen?

Mitali: Jijaai, Shivaji Maharaj’s mother. Or perhaps any woman from Maharashtra’s history.

First thing you bought with your first pay.

Mitali: My cellphone. Nokia C3 😁

Do you have any crush?

Mitali: Woah! Loads. Shahrukh Khan is the constant one since I was 3. Not kidding.

What’s next from you?

Mitali: Honestly, I have no clue about right now! But, Definitely something good!

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