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Mohit Duseja expresses his excitement and gratitude on being a part of ALT Balaji’s ‘Who’s Your Daddy 2’



Actor Mohit Duseja has been roped in for Ekta Kapoor’s banner ‘Balaji Telefilm’s famous web-series ‘Who’s Your Daddy 2’, and this handsome hunk can’t stop expressing his excitement! After being starred in series like ‘Ragini MMS: Returns’ and the season 2 of the same; the actor has now revealed how he bagged in the role for ‘Who’s Your Daddy 2’. In a candid conversation with Mohit, we get to know about his experience working for this series, where the actor also opened up about his upcoming project.

How were you successful in bagging this role?

Mohit Duseja: I had auditioned in Balaji for some other role initially, however due to some reasons the story line changed, after which I got a character which I didn’t even audition for! Before the pandemic broke out, I had given an audition for a show which got scrapped due to the COVID-19 situation. I had already returned back to Delhi, when I got a call from Balaji for ‘Who’s Your Daddy 2’. I was extremely excited, and went on through a long process of the auditions which passed on smoothly. This experience will be the closest to my heart as it was one of the best auditions of my life, and well, it becomes more special as I was successful in bagging the role!

How was your experience shooting for this web-series?

Mohit Duseja: I will say I was quite lucky as my role in the web series demanded a Delhi guy attitude. I belong from Delhi so my character in the series made me feel relatable to my own personality. Further on, I loved working with the amazing star cast – Sameeksha, Bhavin, Anushka, Heer and Navmeet. I was blessed to work with such a talented team and I also got a chance to learn a lot of things from them. It was my pleasure working with Vidya ma’am, ever since I watched Chak De, I admired her skills and performance. Getting a chance to work with her was like a dream come true.

Talking about the work schedule, yes, we have had that ‘over working hours’, but we enjoyed our time in Amritsar visiting Golden Temple, enjoying Amritsari food and we also pranked our team members. Everything was very new for me, especially being on Tik-Tok! I was never on that social media platform, while everyone else had their presence on it and they also knew how to create amazing content for the same. I was curious, and went on learning how to make Tik-Tok videos from everyone, which I will agree was a fun thing to do. You know when you work together, you share 100 memories in that project so words always fall short when you have to express your experience related to it, but I’ll still frame my words out saying I have had the most amazing and precious time working in this project.

I feel the biggest challenge that we faced was to complete the shoot of the series in 20 days, which looked difficult because the weather out there in Amritsar was freezing cold The early morning shoots were the toughest for me as I had to wear half sleeves t-shirts in 1 or 2 degree temperatures and act like it was summers. So, that was the kind of hard work and dedication which is contributed by each and every single person who’s worked for the success of this web series. I will forever cherish this project as it has been an experience that will always be close to my heart. The shooting, against all the odds was possible because I was with a crazy and fun-loving team, including our director, who made things go easy.

How did you spend your lockdown period? What productive things you involved yourself in?

Mohit Duseja: I think for every individual this lockdown period was a challenging one as no one had encountered a situation similar to this, earlier. For me it was more of a roller-coaster! As I mentioned above, that I was roped in for a show, which got cancelled due to the pandemic. So I decided to stay back in Mumbai, as initially we thought it was just some 11 days affair. Nobody even thought that it will take us an entire year to resume things back to normal! Slowly accepting the situation I took the opportunity thinking it of as those summer vacations one gets in school, where all you do is chill at home and do nothing. But suddenly towards the end of the vacation, you realise you have a lot of work to do. This was what exactly happened with me; I was having fun and chilling in the beginning of the lockdown, and later after 2 months I realised this is the time period which will never come back again. So the first thing that I focused on was my fitness. I was really working hard on my workout, with a balanced diet and building a good immune which was obviously very important after the pandemic situation. I also started doing my household chores on my own, which I think most of us learned to do during the lockdown period. But it was something really new for me!

I also developed my interest in poetry and started writing and expressing perspectives through the same. During the pandemic, once thing which I realised was how important it is to stay sane on the Internet. I learnt everything about Instagram and started being virtually active. Not to forget, due to this new activity, I actually reconnected with a lot of people again from my childhood, to the MTV times. Earlier I never got a chance as my regular workshops and tight work schedule never gave me spare time to talk and have this kind of interaction with them. I also started Hunar- Influencer marketing, with my childhood friend Ajay Bhateja. All through the lockdown, I focused on shaping my acting skills by attending multiple workshops and of course, giving so many auditions helped as well!

Did you face any challenges during the shoot due to COVID-19?

Mohit Duseja: I feel it was not just scary and something to worry about, but also very emotionally sensitive for everyone working. You know that constant fear and thoughts that what if someone might have inflected the virus, or what if someone might get inflected because of me! We were approximately more than 100 people on set at a time, and naturally while you shoot there are lots of movements and shifts. Even though we took all precautions on the set, following all the guidelines, somewhere we were scared that we had to be extra cautious. As, if even one person would get infected, all of us would have faced the consequences.

Apart from dialogue revision, scene setting and make-up and touch-up; one thing which was compulsory and a part of us was sanitisation and hand washing! Following the 20 days schedule, it was tough for the team to set the location because first everything has to be sanitised then properly set it up and then again post set up sanitisation. So it was a complete new experience for me as well as the team.

Who is your inspiration in the Bollywood industry?

Mohit Duseja: To be very honest, no one! I feel a  person can never inspire me, but their hard work is something I look upto. My dream was to work with Irrfan Khan sir, but no one thought that he will leave us this soon.

I really adore the work that Pankaj Tripathi does, his acting is very impactful and there is so much more to learn from his hard work and skillset. An individual’s hard work and their life history inspires me the most. Say for example Shah Rukh Khan sir, and his life story his hard work and the type of challenges he faced in his career span, is something that definitely inspires me. All these stories motivate me to achieve more and more, you know to beat that pressure that you have to perform good every time on stage and on set? All these inspiring stories keep me going! Everyone has their own perspective, but I think someone’s journey and hardships can bring out the best in others. If they can overcome a difficult situation, than even you can.

Can you please share some details about your upcoming projects?

Mohit Duseja: My recent and upcoming project is highly confidential and we cannot reveal about this unless the promotions actually start. Honestly, we are not allowed to talk much about it, but to break it through, when I entered this industry I had that ‘cute boy’ image. This project will shape me up in a different shade as the character and role is very contrasting. Audience will get to see a new side of me, so I am obviously excited to share about this project in the coming days.

This project will help me overcome the biggest challenge that I have had, that is transforming my image, and the entire project is crazily interesting. The project demands a lot of body transformation, and following the same I am on a strict diet and gym routine. It takes a lot to transform yourself in a short span of time, so a good amount of hard work is on my way for this project. I’m glad about this one thing that I always wanted to perform a role which is distinct from my own personality, and I finally got the opportunity! So yes, this project is going to be one of those projects which will help me explore more in myself, because of the versatility that my role demands off.

For an actor, it is important to be proud of his own work, and at times they also have to prove that they possess versatile and flexible qualities which helps them adapt to the role that is being given to them. Be it comedy, romantic, drama or any type of fictional emotion for that matter. I will request everyone to stay tuned for my upcoming project, and I assure you it will be something very different for the viewers.

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