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My affair with fashion is rooted deep within my consciousness: Priyanka Dewan



A combination of beauty with brains, Priyanka Dewan is a Delhi-based Lawyer. As a warm-hearted friendly person, she believes in learning by knowing others. Being a deep spiritual person, she maintains the mind-body equilibrium by being regular with Vipassana –  the ancient meditation technique. Read to know how she got interested in beauty pageants, her journey as a career-oriented woman, her role model, and a lot more:

How and when did you show your interest in a beauty pageant?

Priyanka: There are many expressions that have been used to define life. For me, life is a journey. I believe that we live each moment drawing our learnings from the memories and working our best to make cherishable memories to prepare us for the future. As a person, I like meeting new people and interacting with them, understanding cultures, as that helps me grow as a person. Hence the inspiration to participate.

I feel that platforms like these symbolise the warrior in a woman’s life. Playing my role as a daughter, sister, wife, professional…I will be defining my boundaries the way traditions have felt they should be. The pageant helps me to extend these to where I want to take them, to what I want to do, and the way I want to do it – and balances my action with the responsibility of representing an esteemed selection procedure.

Honestly, being a fashionista, the dream to participate in the pageant has been a long-cherished one, but it finally found realisation last year, when I had the opportunity to participate in a beauty pageant for married women organised by Mrs. India Home Makers (MIHM).

Please describe your journey from a career woman as a legal professional to participating in a beauty pageant.

Priyanka: A work-life balance is what makes an individual complete. Fashion is a quintessential part of my being! It rejuvenates me, my very existence and keeps me going! It gives my life a new dimension for sure but the law is my profession, my life. And my profession completes. The ever so dynamic components that law has to it, help me grow every day! Maybe I can say that law is my life and fashion enhances the beauty of my life by the flavour it adds to it.

Who has been your role model?

Priyanka: Somehow I am very appealed to this question at this stage. For until teenage, the concept was a very stereotyped one with defined choices ranging from freedom fighters, teachers, etc.

So who’s my role model? So as I progressed through life, I certainly added perspectives and choices to my existence. I, of my own accord, started defining things that found a better reflection of me – and more prominently began formulating OPINIONS! In short, I grew up!!

Taking a grip over the engulfing nostalgia, as I reflect more than three decades of my existence, I observe this timeless mundane topic has rather served as an alchemist evolving me from simply accepting theoretical concepts to cherishing soulful bonds with my chance encounters……..My being takes pride to articulate that each and everyone who has made a difference to my life in any which way at any point in time is my role model. Be it the person whose hand helped me get up when I was shattered under the atrocities of circumstances, or whose words gave me a new ray of hope when I was entrapped in a never-ending darkness, or who showered infinite love that made me feel wanted, or who empowered me to understand the value of adversities! I believe an individual who has the power to heal someone’s life truly deserves to be venerated. The beauty of the soul goes beyond the man-made boundaries of caste, religion, stature.

I thank everyone who chose to live my life with me and touched me with their warmth and love that made me capable enough to be what I am. My thoughts draw to them and my heart itches to give my reverence to them, by being worthy to make a difference to any life that encounters mine!

How are you preparing for the international pageant?

Priyanka: I take each new opportunity in my life as a new challenge! I feel that the purpose of us coming to life was to rejoice in this beautiful gift of life. Winning or losing is really never on my mind; the idea is to live through the experience of the process, which is exactly what I am doing right now!! I am taking regular sessions on the ramp walk, particular on my diet and fitness, and using all my creativity for the dresses for my finale.

What is your advice for youngsters?

Priyanka: Live with the belief that you look the best because you really do! It’s rightly said that confidence is the biggest virtue of women and that gives that sex appeal. Carry that attitude for that ‘oomph’ factor and be confident of what you adorn. You don’t really have to seek anyone’s accord to it. Not that I am trying to negate the value of healthy criticism, but be upbeat of your choices. You should define your own style, your own fashion as no one can understand your body type better.  And it’s worthwhile to note that it’s always not essential to bedazzle in top-notch brands, you can re-create your stunning looks with pocket-friendly affordable options too. The whole essence is to seamlessly integrate comfort and style. Don’t live under any pressure to be a part of any high-end fashion game; after all the target is not to be catapulted to fame overnight! it’s just the look good feel-good factor which is more sustainable.

And, delve into things that exhilarate you!! I am sure each of us has something that’s close to that little corner in our hearts. Tear apart the walls built around it and take a dip in that wish list as it’s never too late. Again it’s not necessary what works for one work for the other as well. Rise up to make individual choices as a healthy mind makes a healthy body. Your body only reflects what you feed your mind with, so make sure you know your “real diet” well.

How do you balance your life in pursuing your passion vis-à-vis career and home?

Priyanka: Well just like Michelle Obama words “there is no limit to what we as a woman can accomplish”.

My affair with fashion is rooted deep within my consciousness and draws me towards pageants almost naturally! A beauty pageant is not only about fashion….one’s attitude and perspective towards the world affair is what demands the crown.

Shuttling between a hectic legal profession and yet taking your passion to the global level is essentially a demanding task and I firmly believe God helps you reach where you belong. Blessed to have parents, whom I owe what I am today as it’s my upbringing as a quintessential contemporary woman that has given me the confidence to dream and achieve my way!! My husband, wind beneath my wings, gives me the courage to fly! Vipassana and music have helped me rejuvenate and dedicate myself to the task ahead beyond measure.

In the endeavour to strike a balance between my passion and responsibilities I take pride in saying that I attempt to find new opportunities in each day that unfurls to be a better version of myself!

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