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My mom always encourages me to be strong and live my dreams: Prachi Tehlan



Prachi Tehlan, a former netball champion, is better known for her role in the popular television daily soap ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ on Star Plus. The former captain of the Indian Netball Team was also seen in the Punjabi movie “Arjan”. Her rise to stardom is nothing short of phenomenal.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Tehlan answered some insightful questions about her mum in an exclusive interview with

What makes you proud of your mom?

Prachi Tehlan: She is a very happy person. I rarely see her angry or upset. She has a child-like energy always. In fact, I wish to be like her! She is a rockstar and an amazing homemaker and a cook.

What’s the best thing your mom has taught you?

Prachi Tehlan: She always encourages me to be strong and live my dreams. Also, she motivates me to work hard and have a professional life by not being dependent on anyone monetarily.

How are you and your mom similar?

Prachi Tehlan: We are emotional people and attached to each other. People say I resemble her, and that’s a great feeling!

And how both are different from each other?

Prachi Tehlan: She is a practical woman. She loves to cook! But these both qualities, I do not possess.

What is something your mum always say to you?

Prachi Tehlan: “Gyan” which all mothers love giving, I think. She always asks me to do yoga and meditate, perhaps due to lack of concentration. However, I haven’t still developed this habit.

What is your mum indeed good at?

Prachi Tehlan: Cooking & meticulous planning; In fact, she is a perfect home lady for all of us!

Any best piece of career advice you ever got from your mom?

Prachi Tehlan: Already shared earlier; about being self-dependent as a woman.

What’s your wish for her on this Mother’s Day?

Prachi Tehlan: That she has a long long life and her child-like energy remains intact forever making us smile and laugh always.

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