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Never give up on your dreams: Shashi Prakash Chopra



Starting off really late in the Indian film industry, Shashi Prakash Chopra is an old actor and producer. He is majorly known for films like Rakesh Maini: Fail Ho Gaya (2017), Samrat Awasthi: Humrahi (2015) and Devanjan Guha Feat. KLC: Wo Chahtein (2016).

In an interview with QNA, Shashi talks about the challenges of becoming an actor at this age, if age is a barrier in accomplishing one’s dreams, his upcoming projects and much more.

In today’s era, where everyone dreams of something but usually cannot fulfill it. Since you have accomplished your dream, how do you feel?

Shashi Prakash: Yes, it is true that everyone aspires of becoming something in life but due to some or the other circumstances, many of us can’t fulfill it. You think I have accomplished my dream, but this happened even in my case. To fulfill my responsibilities towards my family, I have always been busy with my Import-Export business and was not able to fulfill my dream. But now, finally, as I have got time I’m again living my life and fulfilling my passion which is acting and I’m very happy with it.
Moral of the story is, never give up on your dreams ever.

Do you think becoming an actor at this age is challenging?

Shashi Prakash: Yes, definitely it is very challenging. But I as a person love to accept challenges in whatever field I am, even if it’s my Import-Export business I take up every challenge that comes my way and I feel because of challenges we tend to learn a lot no matter what’s the age is. But as we learn and accept the challenges, then things won’t be that challenging for us.

Do you think age is a barrier to complete your dreams?

Shashi Prakash: I feel there are barriers everywhere and age is definitely a barrier. But what I also believe is that if you set a goal in your mind nothing is impossible. Keeping in mind the words like “Age is just a Bar “ and ” Age has no limits”, I have decided that I will prove this to everyone.

Tell us about your upcoming project?

Shashi Prakash: Now that I have finally entered the industry, I have many upcoming projects in which I have acted and even produced. “SuitBoy” – a digital web series that is based on an invisible superhero is one of them. The trailer is already out and the series is yet to release. Besides, I’m even acting and producing one more web series which is untitled and is about the live-in relationship.
Moreover, a short film “I am a Dog” which is based on “All men’s are Dog” and 3 -4 music videos will be announced soon.

A message you would like to give to every one of your age?

Shashi Prakash: I would like to tell people of my age no matter if you want to have a long and happy life, keep yourself busy as much as you can no matter what, accept the challenges that come to your way.

Tarun Jain is a Journalist, Blogger, Translator, Social Media Expert and Cartoon Lover. He served in Punjab Kesari as journalist. Currently he is working as Senior Content Contributor at Tarun has 5+years of experience working in media industry including work for several regional media houses.