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Next big thing is augmented reality in the fashion world: Monish Chandan



Monish Chandan is a well-known name in the Men’s Fashion World who has created a lot of buzz with his out of box style statements. He is a Mumbai based MBA graduate from Chetana’s Institute of Management & Research and has become a sensational fashion stylist and blogger because of his passion to think differently when it comes to fashion. Currently, he is working in an MNC as a financial analyst but is also committed to his passion. Apart from this, Monish’s Instagram has grown extensively on a large scale (60K Followers as of now, considering him being new to the platform) with a booming audience interest in his attire based choices. Here we are in a exclusive conversation – Give it a read.

What do you think about the present scenario of the Indian fashion industry? In which direction is it moving?

Monish: The Indian apparel business is still unorganized, and remains as a complex market with more challenges and opportunities for new entrants. Its growth has surely increased since the last 2-3 years and all thanks to technology and growth of smartphones with rapidly growing internet users. E-commerce plays a vital role in the Indian fashion industry. These days consumers no longer consider apparels as a durable item as they are constantly looking for new trends and discounts. The Indian fashion industry is moving in right direction towards technology enabled digital solutions to create amazing experience for the buyers. Next big thing will be Augmented Reality in fashion. It will revolutionize how consumers interact with retail brand.

What has been your area of interest in the field. Do you believe in experimenting or sticking to the conventional style?

Monish: My area of interest has been to create value for money through fashion, where a normal person who follows fashion, can buy the outfits in the minimum budget. Yes, definitely, I believe in experimenting with new styles and doing things differently. If you go all conventional, you will be out of fashion!

Monish Chandan

Bollywood influences the fashion industry to a great extent. Do you find it good or bad? Explain.

Monish: Bollywood plays a big role in influencing the youth. If you look at celebrity star Ranveer Singh wearing full printed pant suit or embroidered coat with gladiator sandals, or at Vicky Kaushal sporting asymmetrical kurtas, you consider that as a trend; the audience does too because they are the latest fad. In a way or so, it’s good if you’re looking to stay in vogue.

Tell us one good and one bad thing about the fashion industry at present.

Monish: It’s a good sign that consumers are becoming tech savvy now and are spending more on apparels unlike before. They now don’t hesitate in experimenting with new styles and I believe fashionable trends cannot be a bad thing.

Sustainability in fashion is the emerging concept. What are your thoughts on this?

Monish: Sustainability in fashion is an emerging concept. Eco-friendly products are in high demand with a rise in adoption of recycled materials and organic cotton for its use in making the apparel. There’s also huge demand for use of eco-friendly fabrics and all this is being done with the aim of protecting our environment. For eg. Big fashion retailers are adding Vegan shoes to their collection.

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