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Numero Uno is defining Indo-western fashion since 1987: Narinder Singh Dhingra



Being one of India’s first indigenously manufactured denim labels, Numero Uno was incorporated in 1987 by Hi Fashion. Over the years, Numero Uno Jeanswear has transformed into a dynamic and perceptive label for the youth. Today, it has become one of the few power brands that fuse international trends, innovative fabrics, washes, treatments, and accessible pricing.

Narinder Singh Dhingra, Managing Director and Chairman, Numero Uno shares the changes he has witnessed in the journey, the brand’s expansion, the impact of westernization, and a lot more:

As you are the MD since 2006, what all changes have you witnessed in the clothing industry?

Narinder Singh Dhingra: Yes, I have been into the industry for a long time now. And, I personally feel that it is more professionally managed and organised now. Besides, customer and retail have started to drive this business the reverse of what it was earlier. One of the tremendous change is, how online, which was never heard of before, has become an integral way of business. And, I feel that this will grow more and definitely brick and mortar stores are under a threat. I have seen the various conversation for eco-systems, and even the overall product improvement has made us on par with the best in the world.

Being an Indian brand, what is the main challenge you face against the Westernisation?

Narinder Singh Dhingra: Indians have always had a weakness for the Western culture and I feel that this lifestyle is no different. Therefore, keeping our customers engaged with the same communication as the West but with Indian sensibility is the key challenge which we try to meet.

As for the past 5 years, the ‘Make in India’ is being followed, how does that benefit Indian brands like yours?

Narinder Singh Dhingra: Apart from helping us professionally, the campaign makes us proud of our identity even though we have always said that we are an international brand, which is born and grown in India itself.

The brand only manufactures jeans as of now, do you plan to expand the clothing range in the future?

Narinder Singh Dhingra: Not only jeans, but the brand has also been actively involved in designing and manufacturing shirts, t-shirts too. Recently, we have expanded our business into shoes, accessories (belts, wallets, and socks), and innerwear (boxers) as well over the years. Numero Uno is not just about denim, we offer a lot more now.

Tell us something about the new campaign DEN I’M ‘I am who I am’? How did you come across this idea?

Narinder Singh Dhingra: We wanted to speak to the millennials the way they speak to each other and celebrate their individuality. With our ‘DEN I’M’ campaign, we are showcasing how an individual can be confident in his own skin and continue to focus on their happiness and growth without seeking permission from others.

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