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On the way to build a world of powerful women: Shalmali Kholgade



Shalmali Kholgade

Shalmali Kholgade is an Indian playback singer, who predominantly sings for the Hindi language films. We celebrates, rejoices, inspires and drives every woman to be the most awesome she can be. In this feature we interview Shalmali Kholgade on women empowerment and her stories. Here’s what she has to say.

What have been the high points in your career?

Shalmali Kholgade: Right now is the highest point of my career. I am doing everything I love,I am signing different type of songs, I am performing (which I absolutely love) and judging too. The opportunity that took my career a notch higher was of course ‘Pareshaan’ from the movie Ishaqzaade! It gave me everything, it’s because of that song I am who I am today. Also I always wanted to release my independent music, which I finally did this January called ‘Aye’ which also gave my career a good high.

Do you idolize any woman?

Shalmali Kholgade: I consider my mother Uma Kholgade, an ideal woman. I think an ideal woman values her place in society and commands respect from her peers. She contributes in her own way to make the lives around her happy. I’ve always seen my mother make bold life choices and set an example for people around her to also live freely.

Do you feel it’s difficult to keep our culture alive in modern era?

Shalmali Kholgade: With increasing western influence, keeping alive our culture perhaps becomes a tad bit difficult but it definitely is not impossible. I think culture and ethics can be preserved or progress in this is possible on a coherent basis, improving on it is better than stagnating or degenerating.

One thing that you want to change about womanism?

Shalmali Kholgade: I want to change this preset mindset in our society that women are not meant to do certain things. I want people to understand that we are strong willed and able. We should be presented with opportunities that our male counterparts enjoy. An unusual career choice by a woman should be supported and not looked upon with skepticism.

What is your message for the youth women?

Shalmali Kholgade: All you beautiful women out there, Don’t think about what society will say/think before making your decisions. Be ‘YOU’ and be proud of it. Be independent, take charge, say NO. Please encourage each other rather than pulling each other down.

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