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Our primary focus is to serve our customers with the best product: Prakash Sharma



Here’s our exclusive interview with Prakash Sharma, CEO and Founder of a startup Fine Flow Industries. Read on.

How long have you been planning the pace of your own brand Albion?

Mr. Sharma: During my internship days I came to know about the value of water, how scarce pure drinking water is, how important it is for people even living within the urban areas. I was involved in a lot of projects which helped me understand the then and future scenario of the water industry.

We all know as it happens almost every year when during the summers the country faces a near to drought situation, and people have literally been dying off late due to this. I had then realised the scope of this industry, and it’d touched me emotionally as well, ever since then I had made up my mind that sooner or later but for sure I’ll be getting into drinking water manufacturing business and serving the country with better quality of water.

What challenges have you faced since the beginning till date?

Mr. Sharma: I guess I faced some of the biggest challenges during those initial months as being from the Civil Engineering background and from a service class family it was difficult for me to set up a business single handed. I so thank my family for believing in me and my dream, and most importantly being utmost supportive which helped me to overcome stressful situations. Getting funds, advanced machinery, setting up the office, planning and execution everything was in my hands. The only reason I stood up after each time I was pushed down was because I was utterly dedicated to this project. I just kept saying to myself that “if it was easier then everybody would’ve been doing it”.

Age or experience, what would you prefer. And why so?

Mr. Sharma: I prefer age, as at an early age we have time to experiment in our choices of business or profession. And even though if we make mistakes we’ll be learning from them. And now days we see a lot of people coming up with their own business or start- ups even in their 40’s. So I guess if I have started up this early, and considering my age I’ll gain enough experience within this sector to avoid any glitches in the future.

Until now the best responses/ feedback / achievements you have received.

Mr. Sharma: We’ll be completing our first year this September and for us even if we average out we’ve had a stable growth rate.  Our little customer base is expanding day by day, we get positive feedback from our distributors which ultimately boosts us up.

Where do you see yourself & Albion in the next few years?

Mr. Sharma: We aim to deliver Pan- India by 2020, and hit the international market thereafter. Also we’re exploring other products and opportunities as well and might soon announce them.

Mr. Prakash Sharma, CEO and Founder of a startup Fine Flow Industries

Any additional information you would want to share.

Mr. Sharma: Because we are in a business where we’re manufacturing drinking water we have made our best possible efforts in creating and maintaining an eco- friendly environment. Our plant is situated in a green locality, and our advanced technology helps us to keep it that way. Our final output is untouched and pure drinking water, which is our priority. Also the plastic used for making our bottles is recyclable helping to keep our environment safe.

How and when did you decide to get into the packaged drinking water leaving your profession?

Mr. Sharma: During my graduation & internship days I had a chance to explore a lot of opportunities. And the best part was I had no family pressure which helped me to steadily decide upon what my interest and passion was for. Being from a service class family I’d never dreamt of getting into a business, but when I approached my father with the idea of setting up a water treatment plant along all the research work done within a period of 3 years he was utterly impressed. And asked me to take it further, with his support and back up I won’t have even etched a step ahead.

Being a young entrepreneur how you are managing your personal life with professional life simultaneously?

Mr. Sharma: To be honest being an entrepreneur is a huge task, especially when you’re dealing into an essential product for life, mine being water there is a lot of responsibility. I have been too occupied for the last two years and it’s still the same. But this is the time when I can invest in the business, though I do keep taking breaks in between to keep myself calm.

One differentiating element of the packaged drinking water from similar entities that would make the target audience chose you.

Mr. Sharma: Our primary focus is to serve our customers with the best product, we don’t aim to earn much of profits. But as we promise we deliver untouched packaged drinking water with the help of our advance technology.

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