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People misunderstand the definition of culture: Meghna Patel



Meghna Patel is an Indian actress, who works in Hindi films and TV Serials. We celebrates, rejoices, inspires and drives every woman to be the most awesome she can be. In this feature we interview Meghna Patel on women empowerment and her stories. Here’s what she has to say.

What have been the high points in your career?

Meghna Patel: I am grateful to god for every day of my life some days are extra beautiful and happy and some days are giving me good lessons of learning and patience. Everyday is a new day for me to achieve more and more high points which i am having now. It same goes with career and life. I’m greedy i like to achieve more and more, never get feeling of achieve high point of career, which makes me alive and fire within to achieve more.

Do you idolise any women?

Meghna Patel: My mother she is my idol, cause whoever i am today; all credit goes to her. Every women and human being who inspired me is idol for me.

Do you feel it’s difficult to keep our culture alive in modern era?

Meghna Patel: No i don’t think so, culture is from within not from outer show. Only people are misunderstanding what is culture! World is one and we all human beings are same from within so our culture is save which is connected to mother nature. Outside show keeps changing as time and location.

One thing that you want to change about womanism?

Meghna Patel: Only two person has power to give life, one is god and second is female. Can we change god? answer is no so we can’t change woman also. We should proud and respect to have womansim in this world.

What is your message for the youth women?

Meghna Patel: I am to young to message youth but one thing i would say about myself, i live my life every second and trust in superpower whom we call god.

Please share one such story which you think has brought changes in your life.

Meghna Patel: The day i born in this world my soul bring change in my life.

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