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Playing online lottery is easier than buying a ticket from the shop, says Vasudha Dewan, Editor of



Online lottery is a rapidly growing trend in India. While state government lotteries have been around for quite a few decades, players are now turning to the online world to try out for international lotteries such as the Powerball and Euromillions.

That’s where LotteryGuru comes in – a website that is being run by a group of individuals who want to educate people about online lotteries and how to play them. is made like a detailed online guide, where you will find the top recommendations for online lottery websites as well as tips and tricks on how to use some of the online lottery features.

We took this chance to talk to Vasudha Dewan, the Editor of and ask her why she thinks that an online lottery is better than buying physical lottery tickets at the shop.

Why do you think that the online lottery is such a popular industry in India?

Vasudha: The answer is simple – the people of India have always loved the thrill of playing the lottery. We have so many movies about it!

And like everything else is moving online, so is the lottery.

But I think that there are several reasons why the online lottery is more attractive than buying lottery tickets at small government shops. For one, those state-run lotteries are only available in 13 Indian states. The rest of the country doesn’t have that option.

Another reason is the choice of lottery draws. With the state lottery, you participate in that one particular draw. But on online lottery sites, you can buy tickets to some of the biggest draws across the world – the US Powerball, the Megamillions, the Euromillions, you name it.

That sort of choice and convenience of simply buying a ticket online and then receiving your prize straight into your bank account is something every user prefers.

What do you think are some concerns that new users might have about playing the online lottery?

Vasudha: There are some usual questions that we get asked a lot – is it legal? Will they actually receive the money in their accounts? Do they have a chance of winning?

We address all of these questions on LotteryGuru, of course. We want that our readers should know everything about playing the online lottery and then decide whether or not to go ahead with it.

As for legal concerns, there aren’t any. There don’t exist any specific laws that ban the use of online lottery websites that are based outside the country. This means that playing the online lottery is not illegal.

And as per their chances of winning and receiving money – as is true for any other lottery, it’s a game of luck. If you’re lucky enough, you will win! And if you do, you will definitely be paid (as long as you use a reliable online lottery provider).

There have been many Indian winners of the lottery in the past. One only has to Google to find them!

It does seem like the online lottery industry is geared to take over. According to you, what are some of the features that have helped the online lottery grow in India?

Vasudha: There are more features than I can count in this one interview. But there are some features that I think truly set the online lottery apart from the traditional paper lottery.

And that’s the ability to make online payments. UPI and similar digital payment apps have done a lot for the online gaming and lottery industries. People can now deposit and withdraw money in a few seconds using their UPI app. And these payments are completely legal and secure!

And online lottery websites realize the convenience of allowing digital payments. That’s why you’ll find Paytm or PhonePe on most of the new online lottery sites as a payment method to deposit or withdraw.

For any additional questions about online lottery, you can visit and learn more about lottery from the experts!

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