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Punita Sharma Arora: The woman who Leveled up the sector of cardiology in India



Punita Sharma Arora is a renowned maverick in the healthcare industry. She holds the knowledge in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Medical Engineering, Masters’ from IMT, Ghaziabad. Not just this, but she is the founder of Translumina Therapeutics, which is ruling the stent market these days.

What are your professional achievements?

Punita: I started my career at the age of 19, right after finishing my engineering in endoscopy. Since then, I have given more than two decades of my life to medical industry. My last assignment was with Boston Scientific from 1997-2004 as a leader in the field of non-surgical treatment of various diseases, and started handling the cardiac business for a part of North India. Things were not easy as I was the only girl in the sales team and it was a difficult task to go to smaller cities for demonstration of the endoscopes to doctors in Nursing home; But on the contrary, I enjoyed being in the field of healthcare and hence decided to make a career in it.
It is a highly demanding field of Cardiac Interventional business (treatment of heart attacks without surgery) in India, which is otherwise dominated by men.

Simultaneously, I started my own company ‘Translumina Therapeutics LLP’ with more than 150% growth. I believe striking a balance between work and personal life, is one of the most important objectives a woman needs to achieve.

How did you make your way through to this sector?

Punita: I was working with Boston Scientific from 1997-2004 as a leader in the field of non-surgical treatment of various diseases, and started handling the cardiac business for a part of North India. There comes a time you know, when you want a greater control over the surroundings to influence a larger cause – And this I felt was the time for me to start my own company and bring the cost of treatment of angioplasty down. I always wanted to serve people for their betterment for health; Hence, we started our own company Translumina Therapeutics with my colleagues from Boston Scientific. We partnered with various companies working in the field of interventional Cardiology, where cardiac ailments are treated by passing wires, balloons and implanting stents to treat the blockages of the heart which cause heart attack. Simultaneously, we launched several other effective products but kept their cost at almost half of the other multinational companies. Today, I can proudly say that our company was significantly responsible for bringing the cost of these costly procedures down for the patients.

How can you cope up with challenges as a working woman?

Punita: Entrepreneurship was once considered a man’s domain, but the tide has shifted. Women Entrepreneurs face challenges when it comes to professional atmosphere. Although more ladies are embracing enterprise, they frequently confront challenges which are not ordinarily shared by their male partners. Men always try to overshadow their partners when it comes to dependency. They believe women always have to be dependent on thm, when it comes to monetary factor. But I feel, if you are clear in your mind what you want and what you want to achieve, nobody can ever stop you. You have to believe in yourself and your capabilities.

A woman as an entrepreneur has to be a multi-tasker; She has to manage her parents, kids, or family with the work pressure too. A man always performs one task at a time, but women lead all the things simultaneously with their social lives. You have to be focused every time. There might be some problems with each passing phase, but you should handle it smartly with patience.

What is your take on achieving success?

Punita: Of course I had to battle societal stereotypes that women face Vis- a- Vis men even today; But men around my life were so encouraging and supportive that there are no such footraces I have faced. There was a time when I was working so hard to prove my capabilities. It didn’t bother me that I am the only girl in the sales team. You have to brawl for yourself; no one else would do it on your behalf until you are born with a silver spoon.

My mind had a very clear vision and I knew that I was following the right track only. I believe nobody can gift you the success as a present. You have to struggle what you have dreamt about and where you want to see yourself. People can help you to explore your talent but the final face-off will be done by you. I always tell everyone that there is no other way to be successful than having self-determination towards your work, working hard with the need to strive with excellence. If these three are in focus, success would definitely come your way.

What’s your message for women around the world?

Punita: Today in this competitive world, every woman has to work. Working ability not only gives you the financial satisfaction, but also brings the confidence and independence along with it. Whatever you like or your talent is, you should explore the arena without any doubt; That talent would give you the recognition and identity.

My journey also had so many ups and down, but at the end it was all worth it and I can proudly say that I am successful. Not just limited to this, but I am exploring new challenges so that I can serve more people.

God has been kind to me that I kept getting the opportunities to prove myself and I am also lucky to have great family support. My message for other women out there is, “You should work on yourself on regular basis as our body requires physical activity to look better in the same manner your mind needs. The more you will work, more you will get to know”.

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