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Regularity of posts is important in blogging: Baani Bathla



There is a moment of truth in everyone’s life when you come out of the shell and think in a broader way. Something like that happened with Baani, who was working in an MNC but thought that she is not made for the 9-to-5 jobs, so she quit.

Let’s find out how she started her journey, what is her approach to collaborations, posts, and content on social media, and what advice she has for the budding bloggers.

Describe how did you first get into blogging?

Baani: Well, it has been a roller coaster ride for me. I was working at a good position in one of the leading MNC’s, but somehow I used to feel that I am not meant for the 9 to 5 job. What I always wanted is to put out my fashion sense, my opinions about anything and everything related to fashion and travel. Besides, I was always appreciated by my friends and colleagues for my fashion sense and even my boss agreed that I should surely opt for something which is related to fashion – which would help me put out all that I have about fashion. Hence, I just quit my job, took that risk of starting all over again. Undoubtedly, I had the faith in myself, I knew that I would definitely make it to a level wherein I can bear my expenses, but here I am, doing more than just bearing my expenses.

What are the strengths that really helped you in influencer blogging?

Baani: The first and the most important thing or you can surely call it the most powerful strength is your confidence indeed. I believe, there’s nothing that you can’t do if you have the confidence and will to do it.

Secondly, maintaining good relations with fellow influencers and the Pr’s is a must and that is something I had in me. Though not many would tell it loud but that is the truth, if you have good relations, you have an advantage for sure. So, I’m kind of a friendly person and gel up well with people and that has actually helped me to grow.

Do you collaboration with brands/products for promotional activities?

Baani: Yes I do, but I believe in promoting the products and brands which I genuinely connect with, for the ones I feel are not good for my audience, I do not promote them at all.

Do you think Instagram (or any other social handle) verification helps to get better deals and audience?

Baani: Not really , I think it’s vice versa, or maybe it is a process in which first you get good deals , you produce amazing content and that automatically leads to Instagram or any other platform’s verification , but yes , I won’t lie that brands do prefer verified accounts over the ones which are not verified.

What you know now that you wish you knew when you first started influencer blogging?

Baani: Never endorse products that you haven’t dealt with or used on yourself. Do not endorse every brand / product that comes in your mail, it spoils your profile and your audience will lose interest in you. Be true to your audience and your content.

When I started on social media, I endorsed the products that I knew nothing about.

But over time, I’m growing with my audience. I want to be true to them and I only and only support and advertise the brands and products that I have full faith in.

What is your content frequency? And how important is to create regular content?

Baani: There is not even a single day where I don’t post anything on my social media.

Being consistent and regular with posts is important in blogging. It uplifts your profile, it keeps your audience engaged every time.

So yes, it is very important to be consistent with your content and posting.

Would you encourage other people to make their blog?

Baani: For the ones who love writing and sharing their experiences about different things, yes I would definitely recommend them to make a blog.

It is about being right there every time, if you love speaking, make a YouTube channel, and make your vlogs,

But do it, one has to start to be able to grow.

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