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Sherrin Varghese: From Discipline to the Dean – A Personal Journey in ‘Campus Beats’



Sherrin Varghese, who played the Dean in ‘Campus Beats,’ discussed how the role connected with his upbringing in a disciplined environment and influenced his acting. His music background, from being in India’s first Boy Band to his solo career, enriched his performances. He shared insights into a challenging emotional scene, drawing from personal experiences for authenticity. Sherrin’s passion for cross-influencing his creative pursuits led to tech-driven innovations in music and acting, promising exciting collaborations with SaReGaMa. He also highlighted the transformative impact of technology in the entertainment industry, making content more immersive and interactive, ushering in an exciting future.

In your recent interview, you mentioned that playing the role of the Dean of MAD College in ‘Campus Beats’ felt like life had come full circle. Can you elaborate on this and share more about how this role resonated with your personal experiences?

Sherrin Varghese: Certainly! Playing the Dean in ‘Campus Beats’ was an interesting experience for me because it allowed me to tap into my own memories of being raised in a disciplined environment. My parents and teachers were quite strict, so I could relate to the role as someone who was mischievous as a child. It felt like revisiting my own upbringing, but this time, I was on the other side of the equation. It made me appreciate the influence my parents and teachers had on me and how it shaped the way I approached this character.

You’ve had a diverse career spanning music, acting, and running a studio. How has your background in music and your experiences as part of India’s first Boy Band influenced your acting career and your approach to different roles?

Sherrin Varghese: My background in music has had a significant impact on my acting career. Being part of India’s first Boy Band, A Band of Boys, and my solo music career taught me a lot about stage presence, connecting with an audience, and storytelling through music. These skills naturally transferred to my acting career, where I could use them to create compelling characters and connect with the audience on a different level. Music and acting are both forms of expression, and they complement each other beautifully.

Could you tell us more about the emotional scene in ‘Campus Beats’ where you had to convey a complex mix of emotions? How did you prepare for such a challenging moment in the series?

Sherrin Varghese: That emotional scene in ‘Campus Beats’ was indeed a challenge. To convey a mix of emotions without overtly crying required tapping into personal experiences. I drew from my own memories and past challenges to connect with the character’s emotions authentically. It’s about finding a relatable experience in your life and channeling that into the character’s feelings. It was a demanding scene, but it ultimately allowed me to explore the depth of my acting abilities.

You mentioned that you enjoy cross-influencing your pursuits. Can you give us an example of how you’ve applied knowledge from one creative domain to enhance another?

Sherrin Varghese: Absolutely! My background in technology, particularly in virtual production and AI, has been a valuable asset in enhancing my music and acting careers. I’ve been able to apply innovative tech solutions to music production, creating unique and immersive music videos & scale up short & long form content creation¬† The cross-pollination of ideas and skills from different domains has led to exciting and groundbreaking projects that I’m thrilled to share with my fans pretty soon.

Your fans are eagerly anticipating your upcoming projects. Can you share any details about your collaborations with SaReGaMa or any other exciting ventures that you have in the pipeline?

Sherrin Varghese: I’m thrilled to announce that my collaboration with SaReGaMa will bring some exciting music experiences to fans. We are working on projects that blend cutting-edge technology with music, creating immersive and interactive music videos. Additionally, I’m exploring new acting opportunities that challenge me as an artist. While I can’t reveal all the details just yet, I can promise that there are some exciting surprises in store for my fans, and I can’t wait to share them with the world in the coming months.

With your experience in virtual production and technology, do you see any exciting developments or innovations on the horizon that could potentially shape the future of the entertainment industry?

Sherrin Varghese: Absolutely, the entertainment industry is evolving rapidly, and technology is at the forefront of this transformation. Virtual production, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are poised to reshape how we create and consume content. We can expect more immersive and interactive experiences for audiences. As an artist, I’m excited about the endless possibilities these innovations bring, and I look forward to exploring and contributing to this exciting future.

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