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Sherrin Varghese on music, A Band Of Boys and future projects



Technology, fast paced, modernism and experimentalism lies at the root of Sherrin Varghese. Music to him is more than just the 7 surs and this reflects in his songs, videos, productions & outlook of life too. There’s more to him than meets the eye and if you’re looking for a whirlwind of energy, with an inborn talent for stage-edge, then look no further!

Excerpts from an interaction with him about music.

Bollytronica is something that is associated with your style of music. Please tell us more about that.

Sherrin Varghese: Bollytronica as the word suggests is an ammalgamation of Bollywood & Electronica. The Electronica gets covered with all subgenres of dance music ranging from Tech, Deep, Dub, Electro, Big room etc & the Bollywood aspect remains as very selective ecclectic esotoric content modified to suit the song, I intend to render it with. This is mainly a genre, I coined to help bracket the cover releases.

What’s your take on the experimentation that Bollywood does with the old songs?

Sherrin Varghese: Bollywood is currently trending on remakes of old songs in new movies so that the music labels who hold the rights to these songs can rely on the recall value of the song from yesteryear’s airplay and hope that the new version with a new verse catches on without much marketing spend thereby drawing attention and generating box office revenue for the film. This is an infuriating trend because most noteworthy music directors are being asked to do so by the producers of the film who in turn are being forced by rogue music labels to do so or leave the film. In my opinion this will pass as it’s a matter of time before people need new material!

What has been your favorite part of being with ‘A Band of Boys’? Do you miss the good old days?

Sherrin Varghese: The best part about A Band of Boys has been the massive fun that we as 4 rascals have had on the road. In our peak time we’ve travelled the world, finished 4 passport booklets and have had so much island fun along the way, that someday all of these shennanigans are going to be in my book!

Do you wish to make it to Bollywood or want to stay as a separate music entity?

Sherrin Varghese: Bollywood will come to me at a time when they are ready for me!

What should your fans look forward to in the upcoming months?

Sherrin Varghese: 2 thematic originals & 5 new ecclectic Bollyronica covers for this year!

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