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The entire process for ‘Humko Kuch Nahi Malum’ was executed within 15 days: Himanshu Shekhar



Penned and directed by Himanshu Shekhar, “Humko Kuch Nahi Malum” is the new talk in the town. Getting over 2 million views in just 3 days of its release, the song is a contemporary, high powered peppy number which is a bit philosophical too.

We, at QNA, got in touch with Himanshu to talk about this latest OSM Records’ launch. Read the excerpts from the interview:

What was the inspiration behind the song “Humko Kuch Nahi Malum”?

Himanshu: The curiosity since inception has been the reason behind the progress of mankind. To question the unknown, you have to admit that there are things, circumstances, incidents and phenomenon which are unknown. The more you are sure of the limitations of the known, you have a better chance of understanding the unknowns.

I believe, the information age expects us all to be informed, and if 2020 is anything to go by, we definitely don’t know a lot of it.

So, come out of the stress of being informed of everything and sing along Humko Kuch Nahi Malum (We know nothing).

How much time did the whole production take?

Himanshu: We executed the entire project within 15 days – writing, music production, video pre and post-production.

Within 3 days of the release, the video crossed over 2 million views on YouTube. How do you feel?

Himanshu: We, at OSM Records, have been blessed with a very active subscriber base. The only surprise was the extent to which we were supported for this non-commercial and indie song. We feel ecstatic to receive such a great response.

This is the first time you worked as a lyricist. Was there any pressure of failure?

Himanshu: Definitely not. Although, I must admit that the experience was very different from writing poetry. I am wholeheartedly thankful for the reception and appreciation the song got. But, this song was my personal reflection on life and mind as it should be. So, I never felt any pressure.

How does it feel to have launched a successful song in the time of COVID-19?

Himanshu: Well, most of the credit goes to Manpreet Kaur for this since she heads production at OSM Records. It was a challenge but, we firmly believed that the time of the song is now. When the world and life as we knew have gone in a whirlwind, giving space to unknown would calm the collective anxious minds. This was also the reason we kept the treatment of the song lively and lighthearted.

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