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There’s a responsibility on my shoulders: Dinesh Soi on being a casting director



In films, we always see who directed it, or the actors. In fact, most of the time a film is a hit only because of the actors who are in the film. But what we never notice is the effort of a casting director that goes in the project, he becomes a behind the camera person and we totally neglect him.

Therefore, in order to give recognition to one such casting director and his work in the industry, Asia Book of Records (2019) have mentioned his name in the category of ‘maximum castings in the world’.

Often only directors and actors are appreciated for the films in the industry. As a casting director, how do you feel about the role of a casting director?

Dinesh Soi: Multiple people are responsible for making a project successful but as actors are the face of the project and directors get best out of those faces, so they receive more appreciations. The other crew who work behind the camera endlessly somehow remain unsung heroes and Casting Director is one of them. The reason for this is, Casting Director is a job which is not that much old in Bollywood and has yet to be explored. If you go back in the year 2000 or before that, only Director or his direction team or production people used to call actors/actresses as per their requirement. But with the passage of time, the scenario has changed and Casting Directors are getting recognition as well as appreciation. Now Casting Directors play a crucial role in any project.

You have made a record recently in Asia Book of Records. How do you feel?

Dinesh Soi: I am happy. After the is published in India Book of Records in 2017, other countries can compete with you before you get your name in Asia Book of Records. My name got recorded in India Book of Records in 2017, and now it happened in Asia Book of Records in 2019 which makes me feel good. But first and foremost is, this ‘Maximum castings in the world’ record vests with my country India, and being an Indian this reason is above all for my happiness. 

As this is a much-unseen job. What inspired you to become a casting director?

Dinesh Soi: Three reasons. Firstly, I feel happy when I cast someone for a role and that’s my main inspirational force to be a Casting Director. Secondly, this is a job of utter responsibility, that’s why you have to be up to date and I love being updated. Most of the budget of a project goes into casting, especially when it is a star’s film, so if the casting is correct half the job is done. This sense of responsibility on my shoulders which I feel with every project is the third thing which keeps me going.

Even in the award shows there is no award for your category. Do you think now with this achievement of yours, things might change?

Dinesh Soi: I agree that no award for ‘Best Casting Director’ category in the famous Award shows. But time is changing and I myself got best ‘Casting Director’ award at Perfect Achievers Awards in December 2018, along with many other Awards at different Award shows. Now Casting directors are getting credits on movie’s posters as well. My suggestion is that Casting Directors can be featured in some projects, where they can be fit in a guest appearance of a scene or two, just like Singers and Rappers do. And yes, I am very sure that sooner all the famous Award shows will also have a category of ‘Best Casting Director’.

As a casting director, what all basic things do you keep in mind?

Dinesh Soi: I always want an actor/actress to succeed. But I have to cast someone keeping in mind the Script/Storyline and the Character Sketch. So, as per the character sketch, I see the looks. Then availability and budget are the other factors. But most importantly he/she should be a good actor/actress as well as a nice human being.

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