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We aim to make customer service a priority: Sunil Puri, Director, Apaar Packaging



Here’s excerpt from an interaction with Mr. Sunil Puri, Director, Apaar Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

What were the challenges that the company faced in the last financial year?

Sunil: Like in any other industry, there were various kind of challenges. In our Industry, for example, with many unorganized manufacturing companies entering the market, customer sustainability had become one of the main challenges. However, with our regular contacts, better quality, and improved services, we were able to maintain our customers to a large extent.

What have been the major milestones that you would like to share with us?

Sunil: Apaar Packaging is the only company in the world, which produces air bubble sheets with an air bubble diameter of 8-millimeter. This particular product not only gives better protective strength but also allow users to use lighter GSM sheet to reduce their packing cost. Also, we are the only company producing the largest width of air bubble sheet in India i.e., 250 centimeters. Continuity with customers is also one of our strength. Companies like Honda, Sriram Piston, Minda, Machino Plastic are the few brands which are working with us for over ten years.

What are your expansion plans for the next five years?

Sunil: We are planning to add new value-added products, which can be used for insulation and heat resistance, using the air bubble sheet laminated with other products.

What differentiates your product from the competitors?

Sunil: Our products are made from virgin raw material and we do not mix seconds granule. It gives better strength and shine to the air bubble sheet. The other product with the largest width of 250 cm reduces wastage at users end. Air bubble sheet of 8 mm diameter reduces the packing cost of our clients, which is very important in the present competitive scenario. We also do customize packing such as fabricated sheets, pouches of air bubble sheet as well as in EP laminated air bubble sheets.

Do you have any individualized approach to target your customer base?

Sunil: Yes, we do have a very individualized approach towards our clients. We have a large team of field representatives who visit our customers regularly to understand their requirements and thereafter discuss the development of packing for their new products. Top management also remains in contact with the customers to ensure them better services in terms of the quality of the product, timely deliveries, and other related issues. It helps us to maintain long-term relationship.

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